This HUNGER GAMES fanfic I am writing takes place right after the first book but obviously several years in the future. Anything that happened in books 2 and 3 : deaths, laws, events or whatever is null and void meaning it doesn't exist in my fanfic. Remember that before you decide to comment about a scene or event not happening until a specific book because its starting to piss me off royally.


Aloe Mellark is the daughter to Katniss and Peeta. With her 12th birthday nearing and the Hunger Games soon after the family is on edge. Though it is only her first time to the reaping Katniss and Peeta feel that the odds may be rigged and President Snow may finally have his chance to make them pay for the havock they caused all those years ago. Just as they predicted Aloe was chosen as a tribute for District 12 but so is her old brother River. This time only one will be a champion, the question is who?


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The Hunger Games - Rebirth

9 years has passed for the Mellark family. Peeta, Katniss and their daughter Aloe are oblivious to the upcoming event and are once again thrust into the drama of the Hunger Games as the Quarter Quell brings forth two Champions. Who will be chosen and who will survive as the rules predict the unchanging one survivor making it out of the arena.

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