Jake and I reached our destination after 17 minutes of driving. To be honest I was kinda lost but if Jake knew where we were then I would be okay. After all he is the one that picked the place.

    "Come on." He pushed, getting out of his car.

    "Where are we though?" I asked, opening the passenger door.

    "Well, this is a private place I never took anyone. Only you and I know about it, so come on." He begged, grabbed my ran and pulled me inside.

    Let me tell you that my legs were scratched from the flower thorns and so were my arms, however it was all worth it because it was beautiful. It was mostly green, but the flowers and plants had vivid colours. There was a lake with crystal blue water and on one side there was a hill where you could climb and jump off into the water.

    "Damn Jake..." I mumbled as I let go of his hand.

    "Yeah, it's beautiful isn't it?" he asked, smiling.

   "It's gorgeous, when did you find it?" I asked, walking back to him.

   "About a year ago." He responded.

   "How did you find a place this beautiful?" I asked.

   "My parents were having one of their stupid arguments one night and I got fed up so I drove around and parked my car outside where we parked now and walked in. I wasn't really looking where I was going, I guess I kinda found this place." He told, looking down.

   "Wow... How are your parents though?" I asked with a smile.

    He looked up me and half smiled. Maybe I shouldn't have asked that. 

    "Sorry, i shouldn't have asked that." I frowned and looked down.

   "It's fine. It's not your fault. I don't know what's going on. They constantly argue every single day, dad slept on the couch yesterday. I saw my mum throwing a vase at my dad yesterday, luckily she missed. I heard her talking to someone else on the phone, I think she's cheating. I don't know anymore. I just want to block myself from the world." He said.

   I looked up to his eyes. They were glossy. I'd never seen Jake like this, he's always that guy that's smiling and having fun being a little mischievous. Now he's so weak, it shows that people can hide their feelings for so long and pretend things are ok when they're really not.

    "I'm so sorry, Jake. I never knew anything. How long has this been going on for?" I asked.

   "10 months." He replied.

    "Oh my god, Jake I, I." I really didn't know what to say at all. 

     He shook his head and I wrapped my arms around him, hugging him. He broke down crying and that made me weak. 

    "Shh," I soothed, "it's ok."

    I stayed like that for sometime, I didn't mind if my blouse was wet. I just wanted to make him feel better.

   "Thank you." He thanked, wiping his tears.

    "It's fine. I'm here to help." I smiled. I got the hem of his shirt and used it to wipe his eyes, "Let's talk about something else, yeah?"

   "Yeah." He agreed.

    I got his hand and pulled him to the lake. I sat on the edge and he sat next to me.

   We stayed like that for some time before he spoke.

    "Would you give me a chance? Like a chance to date you." He asked.

    I looked down from the stars to him.

    "Yeah, of course. I was wondering the same. May I ask you something though?" I asked.

    He nodded his head. 

    "Why did you pick me? Like to date. I'm so different from all the other girls."

    "I think you just answered your own question." He chuckled, looking at me.

    "Because I'm different?" I questioned.

    "Yeah, sounds like some kind of movie but you're a great girl. I realised that I needed someone different and better in my life. I guess you're that girl, and plus I got tired of the popular girls they're all the same." He answered.

   "Thanks, I guess you're a great guy if people get to know you. I never dated someone." I said.

    He looked at me. With his expression he looked surprised.

   "What was Spencer? Didn't you date him?" he asked.

     I shook my head and looked down.

   "I don't think you can call it dating," I replied, "I would call it acting."

    "I'm confused, what did he do?" he asked, facing me.

    "Spencer used me because he wanted to make his ex girlfriend jealous, Bianca obviously, in the end after 4 months of a 'relationship' he broke up with me after he told me he never felt anything and he was just acting. I was a fucking act for him, and I loved him. He was a player and I should have never fallen for him." I told.

    "He's a stupid idiot that never deserved your time and love. Spencer never loves the girls he goes out with. You haven't seen the amount of girls crying and running away after he breaks up with them. Is that why you kept turning me down?" he asked.

   "Yeah, I knew that you were a player. I couldn't fall in love again and when you started talking to me like you do with other girls I started to turn you down because I didn't want to be hurt again but I did like you. Maybe not as much as I do now but I did like you... for a long time." I spoke.

    "I thought that you really didn't like me. Every girl I know falls in love but when you started turning me down I started to think about you and how you were so different and before I knew it I was in love." He smiled, I looked at him and he was smiling.

    "Really? Are you sure this isn't some game?" I asked.

    He shook his head.

    "No, I'm sure," He replied, nodding his head, "can I kiss you?"

    "Sure." I replied, I expected him to kiss my cheek but he got my jaw and turned my head to face him. Before I knew it his lips were connected to mine and the butterflies arrived inside my stomach.

    "Believe it or not, I love you and this isn't a game."

Crush Confessions #32

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