The Elf and the Dinosaur

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   Y'all know who this is 😏. But the winners of the votes are Ashlie and Tommy! Since Uni also won, he will be part of the story, but not until later. For now he will only be mentioned.

  ~Cory's POV~

    "CORY!" I heard my name called from the edge of the forest and turned around to see two people running up to us looking panicked. I looked closer and realized it was Tommy and Ashlie. My face heated up a bit as she ran over to us. Nick nudged me while giving me a look that screamed 'I know you love her.' I punched him in the shoulder as Tommy and Ashlie got closer to us and that's when Tommy started screaming,

"WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON! I'M JUST SITTING BY A CLIFF WITH UNI, PUSHING HIM OFF,-" "Wait WHAT!?" He ignored me "AND THEN THIS FLIES ONTO MY WRIST!" He lifted up his wrist to reveal a yellow colored bracelet like ours.

"Tommy shut up! I got this orange thing stuck to my wrist too and it looks like everyone else has them too. Nick what is happening!"

Nick only shrugged. "Hey guys," the four of us looked and saw everyone else was looking at the rock that almost ended our lives. It seemed like it was, glowing. "I don't think rocks are supposed to do that." Ross said taking a few steps back. The rock continued to glow brighter until the light became blinding and I had to shield my eyes. Why do all these weird things keep happening!? I thought in frustration as I reopened my eyes. The light had died down and out stepped a figure.

"Guys, who is that?" I asked as I began to panic more. Everyone seemed unnerved as we continued to take steps back. The light had now completely disappeared and the figure had revealed himself to be a teen with red hair and pointy ears. His clothes were a little weird though, he seemed to be wearing some kind of red raptor scaled cloak with a red t shirt and red pants. He also seemed to be wearing a red Flash insignia on his shirt, like the one from the ongoing book series The Flash. (Where all my Flash fans at?)

"He's incredible." Sky stared at him. "He's like some kind of, SENSATION!" Well that's one way of putting it I guess.

"Why thank you Adam, I try my best." Oh wow that's cool he's a friend of Sky's.... HOLD ON WHAT!? How does he know his name?

"How do you know my name?" I mentally face palmed myself. I can't believe I almost thought Sky knew this guy.

"I know who all of you are actually," he then proceeded to list us off while pointing to us as he said our names. "Max, Shelby, Ross, Jess, Jin, Cory, Tim, Tommy, Ashlie, Nick and... wait where's Uni?" I swear Tommy turned ghost white as this guy asked for Uni.

"Um sorry, Mr. uh.." Tommy began

"Red, Redvactor."

"Gesundheit, but uh, Mr. Unicomics had an uh... unfortunate meeting with death. At the bottom of a cliff. With spikes. And snakes. And..." Red cut him off.

" Okay, okay I get it. Please, I don't want that image in my head."

"Sorry mysterious God thing."

"It's Red, and I'm sorry for your loss everyone. I know that Uni was close to you all. Especially you Cory."

"I-it's, fine, I just, I just need to, lie down for a bit." And I did just that. Ashlie knelt down beside me to comfort me and I officially wanted to die in a hole.

"Alright Redvactor," Jin started, "what's with the pointy ears? And how do you know all of us?" We all nodded our heads to confirm that we wanted answers.

"Well," He began, "to answer your first question, I'm not human, I'm what some might call, an elf." I swear my eyes were going to pop out of my skull if they got any bigger. "And to answer your second question, I've had my eyes on you all for a very long time. You see, I'm the last of my people and if King Zelious gets his way, then I, along with every other human, will be destroyed." We all stared in shock, sure the King wasn't the nicest guy around but how could one man be that evil. Well, my question was answered when Sky broke the silence by smacking his forehead and walked into the center of the circle.

  "I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT, I F- (Sky please, this is a PG story. There are kids reading.) FREAKING NEW HE WAS EVIL! I mean, the random executions, the assassination missions, and trying to force me to kill you three! I KNEW HE WAS EVIL!" Nick looked at him puzzled.

   "But if you knew he was evil, why did you work for him for so long?" Sky halted in his ranting and blushed in embarrassment as he slowly sat back down.

    "Alright so maybe I didn't know."

    "Wait," Jess stood up. "How exactly can he kill us all?" I nodded in agreement. This was a little hard to take in all at once.

     "Zelious is using stolen magic from the strongest beings in our known universe. The Mythical Spirits." Red stated.

      "You mean those things from those children's fairy tales?" Tim questioned.

      "These things are no mere fairy tales. They are very real and they are almost extinct. Zelious killed almost all of them. The ones that he kept alive, are being controlled to do his bidding."
Shelby gasped in horror. She seemed to really like animals. Ashlie glared at Red.

     "And how do we know we can trust you? For all we know, you could be trying to lure us into a trap." Ross shook his head.

      "He's telling the truth." I heard Max ask him how he knew and he continued on. "I've been having these, weird dreams, where we're all standing together fighting thermal weird monsters with these other weird monsters. And, they all seem real, like, visions." Red smiled.

"I see that you've already tapped into a piece of your bond with Forresttail Ross. Something that I hope all of you will soon be able to do."

"Alright I have no idea who Forresttail is," Max stood up. "but if we did help you, what could the 11 of us possibly do?" Red smiled again and held out his arm that had the bracelet. In a flash of purple, a huge purple and green T-Rex with an eyepatch appeared and roared ferociously. We all staggered backwards as we stared in awe.

"With the help of your Mystical Spirits of course. Guys, meet Barney."

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