What A Journey!

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Hello lovelies and gents. I first want to apologize for my absence on wattpad. I have been in the process of moving and my laptop screen cracked at the hinge. The good news is after getting that fixed and while waiting on internet at my new place I got a lot of writing done.

As many know, The Alpha In Him is book two in this series. I have a few chapters written for it. This story isn't finished but nearing the finish of book one. I pretty much have that written and will be doing some read throughs and posting. Expect the next few chapters to go up this weekend

I apologize for the wait and promise to give you a double update to make up for it. I will also try to get a few posted this week in The Alpha In Him.

Thank you for everyone who has stuck through this story with me, what a journey it has been.

For readers of my other stories don't fret I have updates ready to go for those as well.

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