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ESTELLA WAS YET AGAIN EXHAUSTED, AND not because of Harry-well, maybe she was. Strolling behind not only Harry, but Zayn as well, while holding her stomach and running her palms smoothly around it, she sighed repeatedly as both the tall men in front of her went on and on about not only sports, but about her. Not in a bad way though. The three of them were currently roaming the supermarket in search for more healthy foods for Estella. Mainly because she was on her third trimester and that only meant one thing.

The babies were almost here.

With a low groan, Estella waddled her way beside them when Harry stopped rolling the cart, Zayn talking to him about the amount of fat in the steak he had picked up. They didn't even take their time to look at her, clearly not even bothering to acknowledge the fact that she was still here. Zayn wanted to help out as much as he could, and has been ever since they got back from their long but completely enjoyable honeymoon, before he made his way back to New York. It had been official that Zayn and Harry cared for her more than ever before and even though she found that oddly adorable, she wasn't one to be pampered constantly.

"Just because I'm small, doesn't mean I should be ignored." Estella argued, eyeing them both with a unhappy gaze. Both of them finally gave her the attention she wanted and simply exchanged looks once more before landing them back on her and chuckling.

"Honey, as you can see, we're busy trying to be all mathematical here with the foods so you and the babies can be as healthy as possible." Harry stated, Zayn nodding in agreement.

"What he said."

"I get that, but I'm perfectly healthy-" She paused when Zayn scoffed at her, squinting her eyes dangerously in his way before he quickly wiped the expression off his face.

"What I meant to say was that you're healthy but not as healthy as you need to be. Consuming pizza, fried chicken, and a dozen other foods is not at all nutritional. Therefore, we're buying things that'll actually up the growth of the babies and provide​ vitamins that could do you very good."

"Fine," Estella sighed. "But can I at least drop on thing in the cart. Please, please, please?!"

"Alright, gosh," Harry covered his ears, her begging slightly annoying him. "Go get one thing, and I mean one. And it better not be something that'll give you a heart attack."

"Boy, I'll grab how much I want. Don't tell me what to do."

Estella abruptly flicked out her middle finger, turning around with a smile before slowly dashing away, humming to herself as she grabbed a few items she saw, her hands and arms already full. Zayn turned away from Harry, spotting Estella back in his view and frowning when he seen she had way more items than one. Estella quietly shushed him before he could say anything and dropped all of her delicious foods into the grocery cart, beaming with happiness, giving Harry a toothy grin when he stared at her, dropping his head and sighing deeply before rolling his eyes.


"Just let it go, Harry." Zayn stopped him.

"Sooo," Estella ignored Harry' irritated look, trying not to laugh because it didn't faze her anymore. "I got two jars of pickles and some Jiffy peanut butter because I need to dip that in there, you already know. Second, a box of sugar cookies, and some glazed donuts. One box of Fruity Pebbles, Golden Grams, and Frosted Flakes. Obviously, some blocks of cheddar cheese, rice crispy treats, and also ice cream. And well, you can see the rest."

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