The Donut Of Weirdness*Story 1*

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One day a donut name Foodoo was weird. I actually felt bad for him one day. Because one day in a public restroom a guy named Bob came in he went to the same stall. Then Foodoo was like "What the heck r u doing bob" foodoo said, bob"whoaa buddy ur a talking potty" yea i am a talking potty '' Oh wait ur a DO-DO-DO-'' spit it out old gramps.?!?!?!!?. That was a awkward moment !!! well as foodoo was slipping off the potty he fell on to a cone now he was stuck on the cone!!!!! BOB!!!!!!! what???? bob replied. I need help XXXXXXXXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx______XXXXXXXxxxxxx. OHNO! my donut is dead!!!! ahhhahhhahhahahaha! Well that was my story of BOB and Foodoo.

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