We have to tell them

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"Mavis is your wife!" Nastu exclaimed to his brother who was smirking smugly with his son. "I need some food." Natsu said with his hand on his forehead with a very confused expression on his face.

   "As you can see this is nothing more then a family feud." Larcade said looking at the first master. "You know what I couldn't give two damns about this family except for Natsu and the First master, you will leave the Fairy Tail guild hall now. We can have the battle later you've accomplished what you wanted. Let my guild mates go!" Lucy said with such a demanding voice that everyone that wasn't unconscious looked at her in a new light. This was not the Lucy they all remembered from a year ago,this Lucy was stronger and deadly. They all made a note not to get on her bad side. But that was not what shocked them the most Lucy alone was giving of the magical power that was even more powerful than Guildhearts.

  Zeref nodded his head almost like showing respect but nobody was fooled this was all just a game to him. There may have been a time when this man did not wish to hurt people but that time is long gone. You could see it in his eyes the blood lust "Of course your highnesses, I hope to see you soon. Oh and don't worry about your kingdom I will not harm-"

   "Just fucking leave us alone already!" Natsu screamed out rubbing his temples as if he had a headache. Soon enough Natsu's demon hot s were showing and his canine teeth were sharper than normal. Zeref nodded in understanding but was happy with what he had accomplished and just like that he left. Now none of them had the delusion that he was gone forever, they knew that he would be back, but not for a bit. Zeref would take the time to make them suspicious, and make them mad going crazy in anticipation, waiting for him to show up suddenly.

  Then with a pop the members of the guild that were trapped in Zerefs dark spheres were released and fell to the ground with a thud. "Mira" Erza said with a little girl voice looking up to said bartender. "Of course I will make your strawberry cake honey." Mira replied to the red head who was now looking for Jellal. "But after I eat my cake I expect an explanation you majesty" Erza said pointing her sword at Lucy and Natsu who gulped the saliva in there mouth in fear. "Yes mam understood mam" they both replied in fear of dieing at her hand. Then in the backround you could see Freed crying about wanting to see Laxus.

  -time skip after Erzas strawberry cake-

  By the time Natsu and Lucy had started to explain everything everyone had woken up and thanks to Wendy's healing had recovered from the attack caused by Zeref. They all listened closely to their story in fear that they might miss a detail.

  After they had finished Jellal called out making people jump in surprise, nobody even knew that he was there!! "I have Crime Sorciear coming to protect their majesties" Usually at something like that Natsu and Lucy would protest, saying there was no need for that but they new that Erza would be supportive of it, and Lucy and Natsu were both deathly afraid of the scarlet haired girl.

  "So bunny girl is royalty and so is hot head, and if they die then the entire universe wil be sent into chaos because they are the only ones who can kill Zeref?" Gajeel said stating the obvious once again. "Oh don't forget they rule the dragon realm and they have known where all the dragons have been for almost two years and they did not tell us." He added on with made Lucy and Natsu feel even more guilty.

   "I open thee as your future king gate of the gate of the sky dragon, fire dragon king, and metal dragon Grandeeny, Igneel, and Metalicana!" Natsu cried out with a yell. You could hear it in his voice that He felt guilty and this was his way of redeeming himself.

   With a ding all three of the dragons poofed into the guild hall. "Dude that's awesome!" Guildhearts exclaimed with a yell but still standing protectively in front of Cana. "Hello eathlanders I am Igneel I am Natsu's father." He said in his human form Grandeeny and Metalicana introduced themselves after him. "Grandeeny is that really you?" Wendy asked as she hugged her. She nodded and pat her head lovingly. And Metalicana and Gajeel went outside to the guilds backyard and started to battle.

  "Princess terrible news" Virgo said popping out of nowhere. Lucy looked at her confused than a tick mark formed on her head "really Virgo I swear if you want punishment!" Virgo bowed her head "Yes that would be pleasant but I have other news the Celestial Spirit King request an audience with you along with your husband. The rest of the royal council will be there." At hearing this Natsu turned his head towards Lucy. Incidently he was in the middle of a fight with Gray so Gray took this opportunity to send Natsu flying. Natsu soon recoverd and walked over to Lucy. "They requested that you come immediately. They would have sent Big brother Leo but he is a part of the council as well seeing as he is the leader of the Zodiac. They are all waiting in the dragon realm in the castle" Virgo finished, Natsu and Lucy looked at each other and nodded.

  "And we are coming too" Bisca said "Y'all are members of Fairy tail and we stick together and if that means going to a different realm to do it so be it." She finished Natsu and Lucy looked at each other "It's up to you Luce." Natsu said putting his hand on her shoulder. All the dragons had gone back to the dragon realm a while ago so Wendy and Gajeel were in the guild now. And let's just say that Gajeel will be in a bit of pain for a while seeking as though he was too stubborn to accept Wendy's healing.

  "As your future queen I open thee Gate to the Dragon realm!"

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