Blast from the Past

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    "Bullshit" I say and cock my gun.

"I swear your mother name is Autumn Valentine and Your Father's name is Riley Parker but he changed it to Valentine when he married your mother" He says shaky.

"Who the fuck are you and how in the holy hell did you find me" I demand .

"I looked you up through police records I am your brother but I was given up for adoption"He says quickly. I twist my gun to the side motioning him to get in the house. He chuckle at his fear.

"Sit" I say. I sit in front of  him.

"I just wanted to get to know my sister and my parents" he says.

"They died in a car wreck when I was 14 I was raised by my mother's sister"I say. I just realized his red hair resembled my moms I got my dark blue hair from my dad.

"oh"he says looking down.

"Uhm can I meet her?"He asks.

"Don't know if your really my brother"I say. He reaches down to his pocket. I lift my gun again.

"Whoa no I'm just getting this"He says and gives me a sheet of paper his hands shaking. I look at it and its a birth certificate. His mothers name was the same as my mother's along with my dads. I look at it and its certified.

"I wanted to come earlier but I didn't know how my adopted mom just told me since I'm 18 now" He says. I look at his birthday June 12. Whoa he's my twin.

"Yo your my twin" I say.

"For real I always wanted a twin" He says. So he is my brother....nice.

    I call Farah

"Hello" she say.

"Did you know I had a brother?"I ask. Silence stays on the phone.

"Farah you there" I ask.

"Yeah I knew" she says.

"Why didn't you tell me" I ask.

"Because....your mother didn't want you to know" she says.

"Why not?" I ask.

"Well something's are better left unsaid" she says

"He found me and he wants to meet you I'll bring him over if you okay with that" I ask

"Yeah that's okay" she says.

     I pull up at Farah's house. Noah and I just talked and caught up. I was surprised how much her resembled my mother.

"Noah?" Farah ask.

"Yeah" he says.  Farah hugs him and they reconnect. I get a text from Raven she says she is in front of my aunts house. How the fuck she know where I am? I am instructed to come outside.

"Hey Noah I gotta step out here's my  car keys just leave when your ready" I say and hand him my keys. I walk outside and get in the black jeep.

"Hey snow white good to see you" Raven says referring to me by my nickname she used before she made me…… I shudder.

"Where we going?" I ask.

"Why are you questioning me" Raven says. She is in all black. Black skinny jeans, black v-neck, red bottom heels, and her hair is down with a bit of makeup. She in fem mode.

"I need a favor."she says.

"what" I ask.

"I need you to put those clothes on and come with me to this business meeting." she says handing me a bag. There are heels in the bag along with a red dress.

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