Game On

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Thank you so much kimathy for the amazing cover!!  I love it :D

Woo another story :)  This one has been playing around in my head for a while now and I just wanted to get it out there.  It may or may not change to an R rating but let's hope it doesn't, yeah? 

Anywho, tell me what you lovely people think.  Hate it?  Love it?  I need the feedback, it's what keeps me alive . . . along with, you know, food and water . . . and oxygen.  (<--- lame joke.  sorry -.-) 

Shall we get on with it then?

"And who would you be?"  My professor asked as I walked into the class.  It was weird that he was greeting us - at least, I thought it was.  Weren't professors in college supposed to know nothing about their students?  They just taught and were done. 

But this was a fairly small college.  I guess he wanted to know us by our names.  "I'm Rory Valentine," I replied, slipping past him and entering the classroom.  I was suddenly grateful I'd gotten that laptop as a graduation present.  There was already and white board full of extensive notes.  I was a much faster typer than writer. 

There were already a few people scattered throughout the class.  We were all freshman, considering this was a first year english class.  No one was sitting together, they were all just casually looking around.  At least I wouldn't be the only loner. 

Sighing, I sat down in the middle of the class, taking out my laptop and logging on. 

It was my first day of college and I should've been over the moon with excitement.  I probably would've been if I'd actually had a friend to bask in the glory with.  All of my highschool friends had decided to start out in a community college while I went straight to a four-year.  Guess that's what I get for being the smart one. 

I raised my eye brow and looked over when I heard someone sit down in the desk next to mine. 

It was a girl, taking out her own laptop and typing rapidly before turning to me with a smile.  "Hi, I'm Lilah!"  It was odd having someone just come up and randomly introduce themselves.  Was she trying to be friends?  I haven't had to make a new friend since forth grade, I'm a little out of practice. 

"I'm Rory."  I said, giving her a faint smile and running a had through my wavy, reddish brown hair. 

Lilah gave me another smile, folding her arms on the table and leaning over.  Her dark brown hair spilled over her shoulder in a silky wave and her brown eyes watched me warmly. 

I furrowed my brow, playing with the ring I had on my pinky.  It was just a plain, silver band.  Nothing special, just something I found in a store one time. 

"So are you majoring in english?"  Lilah asked, trying to keep our conversation going. 

I nodded, scowling.  "Not happy about it?"  Lilah questioned, sounding curious. 

"Not really.  I wanted to major it art but my parents said it would be better and easier to find jobs centered around another subject.  So english was my second choice."  I explained. 

"Oh," Lilah said.  "Well, I can help you out if you want!  I absolutely adore literature," she gave me a goofy, contageous grin which I quickly returned.  Maybe making new friends wasn't as hard as I thought. 

"What's your favorite genre?"  I asked, feeling the need to fire some questions back.  I didn't want her to feel like I didn't want to talk. 

"Romance, definitely," Lilah gave me a sly grin. 

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