Chapter 17- Hotel

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Ellie's POV
"Joe, will you grab Lexi and Olivia. Please?" I asked him politely.
"Yeah, I'll go get the bags with Jack and your dad, then I'll carry them out to the car." He spoke back, then walked off to follow Jack.
He returned a few minutes later with our 3 suitcases. He put them on a trolley along with everyone else's and the pushchairs, Ethan pushed the trolley out to the mini van.
I picked up Freddie and Jack offered to carry Mason.
Joe picked up Lexi'a car seat and put Olivia on his hip, we all walked out to the mini van.
Emma, Adeline, Mum, Ethan and Emily were all strapped into our mini van.
I strapped Freddie into a seat next to Mason, who jack had already strapped in. Joe strapped Lexi and Olivia in before jumping into the seat next to me.
Dad drove us to our hotel, which was about 15 minutes away.

Joe's POV
"Hello sir, what's the room booked under?" The receptionist asked.
"Sugg, Joe Sugg." I replied
"For 2 adults, 3 children and a baby?" She asked
"Yep that's correct." I said
"Here are your room keys, you're staying in room 315." She said
"Thank you." I took the small plastic white cards out of her hand and walked back over to Ellie who was sat in the waiting area. Olivia was asleep in Freddie's pram and Mason in his. Freddie was asleep on Ellie's knee and Lexi was gurgling in her car seat.
The luggage had been take to our rooms already, I attached Lexi' car seat to the top of masons pram and pushed it into the lift. Ellie kept hold of Freddie while pushing Olivia's pushchair into the lift. We went up to floor 3, where our room was located.
Our room was next to Emma and Adeline, and Emily and jack.
We walked in and put the kids to bed, even though it was only lunch time. Ellie unpacked our suitcases and changed into a white bikini.
I changed into my black swim shorts. We got ready to go down to the pool, for a little while.
*knock, knock*
Ellie went and answered the door, Ethan walked in, he was wearing blue swimming shorts and carried Addie, in her pinks swimming costume, in his arms, Jack walked in close behind him.
"Mum and Dad wanted to know if you were coming to the pool?" Ethan asked, setting Adeline down on the floor.
"Yeah, the kids are just taking a nap. I'll wake them up soon." Ellie replied.
She picked up Addie and walked into our bedroom, which is just off the lounge. Ethan follows.

I sit down on the couch and gesture to Jack to sit.
"I need to film a video for my channel, I was thinking relationship test?" I asked jack
"Yeah, I think Em will be up for it. When do you wanna film?" He replied
"Tomorrow maybe" I added
"Yep that's fine." Jack chuckled, "I've got to go back mate, Emily wants me to unpack our clothes."
"Good luck," I laugh d at him as he waved and shut the door. A cry was heard from our bedroom, Lexi was awake.
Ellie reentered the room with Lexi on her hip and a swimming costume in her hand.
"Joooe, will you get Lex dressed?" Ellie pleaded.
"Come here darling." I took Lexi onto my knee, she gurgled contently.
Ellie walked into the other bedroom where Freddie, Mason and Olivia were sleeping.
I got Lexi dressed into a white swimming costume with pink flower pattern across it.

Ellie's POV
"Liv, go see daddy." She ran out of the room wearing her pink costume.
I got Mason and Freddie dressed into little black swimming shorts and carried them both into the lounge. I placed them down on Joe, who was sprawled across the sofa.
"You ready to go babe?" Joe asked me.
"Yeah, lemme go and get the armbands, floats and suncreams."
I ran off into our room and collected the blue and white beach bag.
I placed sun cream, goggles, floats and armbands inside. I grabbed the kids hats and flip flops and reentered the room.
"Put Lexi in her pram and put her hat on. " Joe placed the flowery white hat onto Lexi's head.
I put Olivia in her pink flip flops and white sun hat, Mason in black flip flops and batman baseball cap and Freddie in his dark blue flip flops and net York Yankee hat.
I attached the bag to the side of the pushchair, Joe pushed it out of the room.
Ethan grabbed Mason and Addie's hands and I had Olivia and Freddie.
We walked to the lift to go to the pool.

Authors note
Oi,oi. I'm back. I've updated, I know they're not constant but it's better than nothing. I'm thinking of wrapping this story up soon. If you have any ideas please feel free to message me.
Thanks for all the support,
Love you's
Ellie xx

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