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umm this story has been in my head for years so here it is


"Give it back!! mom she won't give it back," my five year old brother cries.

I suppose my sister is at it again and took one of his toys. I just shake my head and adjust myself in the passenger's seat so I can get my shin guard on.

My mother yells "Give it back now" as she is goes into the turning lane.

"Guys stop fighting I need to be focused." I say, sliding down in my seat, fighting with my soccer sock to go over my foot.

I hear crying in the background so I blast my music to the point where my mother has to tell me to turn it down.

My mother pulls an ear bud out of my ear. "We are not done talking about this. You got a C overall in science. C's are for people that work at Mc. Donald's. Do you want to do that your whole life?"

"Do we have to talk about this now. I need to get pumped for practice"

"Lauren enjoy your freedom at practice because as soon as you get home your grounded" as soon as I hear 'grounded' I place my ear bud in and turn back up my music. .

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