50 Questions

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Yo, Its been a while since i updated this shit book. XD

I got tagged by.. -yeolchan so, let's get started. :p


1. Full Name.

Xander Gray.

2. Zodiac Sign.


3. (3) Fears

*Losing someone who's important to me.
*Seeing my love ones crying and sad.

4. (3) things i love.


5. My Bestfriend.


6. Last song i listened to.

Nightcore- Warrior Inside.

7. (4) Turn -ons.

*Hands (i have a hand fetish :p)
*Park Jimin's laugh.
*BTS smiles.
*Cute things/stuffs

8. (4) Turn -off's.

*Noisy Eater.
*People that are feeling close.
*Disrespecting the elders.

9. What color shirt i'm wearing right now.


10. How many tattoos/piercing i have?

2 on the right ear, 1 on the left ear and 1 in the tongue.

11. The reasons why i joined the Wattpad.

To make friends and to entertain myself.

12. How i feel right now.


13. Something i really really want.

Too many to mentions.

14. My current relationship status.


15. Meaning behind my username.


Xan-der / G-ray / 31 is the day i met my buddies.

16. Favorite movie(s).

The Walking Dead.

17. Favorite song(s).

BTS- BST, Jimin- Lie, Jungkook- Begin, Jin- Awake, Blackpink- Boombayah & Whistle and NCT 127- Fire Truck.

18. Favorite group(s).

BTS, Got7, NCT 127, and Seventeen.

19. (3) things that upset me.

*People that abusing animals.
*Old people that are homeless.
*Bullying others.

20. (3) things that makes me happy.

*Seeing my family and friend's smiles.
*Having fun with my love ones.
*Park Jimin.

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