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Dedicated po to kay KymesRine bagong kaibigan ko pero makulit Hindi binibigay number nya but at the same time nakakatuwa po siya anyway bro sana magustuhan mo!
Poetry ito


At the side of the road ,a man sells old windows,

Hundreds of windows losing their paint

They lean every which way,

Stacked against tree trunks.

The man looks as old as the windows he sells.

At times you don't see him.......he's lost in the sunlight

Waist-high in diamonds,half sunk in ice

He'll sell you a window.

Then when you look through it,

Decide for yourself which is indoors or out

This is a story about a four man named Everybody,Somebody ,anybody and nobody

A/N: try to think yan yung pangalan ng apat na lalaki okay?!

There was an important job to be done and everybody was sure that somebody would do it.
Anybody could have done it but nobody did it

A/N: heheehhehe did you get it po ba?

The characters here is named Mark,Lawrence and Mina

Titled: my friends

Mina's P.O.V

I watch as cars run by the street I was waiting for someone my friends Lawrence and Mark we promised together that we'll watch a movie
"Mina!" A two familiar voice I quickly stood up and turned my head and saw them they were the one's who made me happy they were the reason why I'm still alive


Let me go dad ! I scream at my father I didn't felt anything for him I didn't act like he's one of us one of our family he faced his gun towards my face I gently close my eyes what am I going to do?
Nothing! I didn't felt that I exist suddenly I just heard the gun
What the I didn't felt anything so I thought I opened my eyes I saw a dad laying on the floor with blood on his suit then I saw to cute boys in front of me

And that's were we became friends

End of flashback

The whale in the sea.

I'm a whale in the sea the largest creature in the big,big sea

But don't you see I began as an egg so small that you can neither touch me nor see me

You maybe a small boy/girl in the city you maybe small to going swimming like me out in the deep blue sea.

But If you know how to swim just try and dream then you can be a big whale in the ocean or in the sea a whale that is bigger, bigger than me!


Hi guyss hope you like it I'm taking serious po dito kasi naguunahan kami ng kaklase ko makakuha ng madaming votes kaya


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