Pluto x reader

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You walk into the phantomhive manor, it's huge. You spin around and take in the sheer beauty of everything, the giant chandelier hanging ever so gracefully from the ceiling, the marvelous waxed marble floors so shiny that you could see reflection to them, the wonderful paintings worth millions, the extrodinary staircase with polished rail ways that shine like the stars. So......perfect. Suddenly the big mansion doors open then shut violently, you turn around to see three servants bracing themselves against the doors. "Ello miss _____" they all chime simultaneously. "Eh.....h-hello." You choke out "Um Ciel" you say as you turn to him "What's going on?" Just before he could answer you hear a howl with bass that shakes the very walls of the phantomhive manor. "We can't hold it much longer!" The female servant yells. The doors fly open, sending the three servants soaring. Through the doors you see red eyes and white fur, then it disapears and suddenly there is a man in it's place. A NAKED MAN. The blinding light makes it to where you can only see enough to make out his silhouette, you can't really see his face. You're snapped out of your train of thought when he starts runing towards you, on all fours. Terrified you begin to step back, but when you can finally see his face you stop. Time stops, and so does your heart. BA-DUM. You hear your heart throb in your ears, then scilence, your heart has stopped. You take in every detail of his face, his ruby red eyes, his adorable little smile allowing his tongue to stick out like a lost little puppy, the light in his eyes makes you melt. He looks so inoccent, he looks like he's coming really close. Really fast, suddenly he's airborn and you let out a squeek before you're tackled to the floor. His tongue devils its way all over your face, you feel your heart beat speed up and your cheeks flush red. BA-DUM BA-DUM BA-DUM. "Ahem, miss ____" you hear Sebastian say as he jestures towards your nether regions. You look down, you didn't realize it. But the man's actions caused your dress to fly up, and he slipped himself inbetween your legs. The scene looked rather inapropriate, your whole face turns bright red as you quickly shoot up. "My deepest apologies" Ciel says. The man, panting, cocks his head to the side and looks at you inoccently. Your heart melts "It's ok" you say as you give a kind smile to the man, he barks in responce. "So...." you say casually "You mind telling me what the hell this adorable guy is?"

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