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3 days later

Derek hasn't spoken to me since that little 'incident' a few days ago, and neither has Nate, but its not my fault, bitch shouldn't of poured flour on me and he wouldn't be outside cleaning the pool. i sit in the lounge with Indi watching some random TV show while Derek and Swazz are  in the kitchen cooking lunch, and Nate is finishing up cleaning the pool.

Where just finishing up with the show when Tez and Hayes come barging through the front door holding tons of shopping bags. 

"what's that?" i ask the boys as they set it all on the kitchen counter.

"food" Hayes says happily, going through the stuff and packing it away.

"well shit, i didn't even notice you's were here in the first place"  i say walking over to Derek and hugging him from behind, hoping to get a response out of him.

i know what i did wasn't fair,but give me a break, he does that shit to me all the time... most of the time he don't even let me finish before leaving me hanging.

Tez and Hayes finished up with the food and left the kitchen, leaving me, Indi, Swazz and Derek in the kitchen.

Nate comes into the kitchen after about 10 minutes and doesn't even look at me.

"aww, poor Nate grumpy because he had to clean the pool?" i say in a baby voice while fake pouting.

Indi turns and gives me a warning glare before going over  to Nate and giving him a kiss, turning it into a make out session. i turn my attention back to Derek, hugging him tighter. he still doesn't talk to me as i get fed up with him ignoring me.i kiss the back of his shoulder to try and get him to look at me, but he doesn't.

"talk to meee, Derek! you know i fucking hate the silent treatment!" i tell him, pouting.

"you left me, after making me eager to fuck the shit outta you, you just left me there" he says turning around and looking frustrated.

but before i could reply, Swazz speaks up "ooh shiit, so that's why he wouldn't talk to you, i get it now, i for real thought you were breaking up and i legit nearly cried" he said with a hand over his heart as a sign of relief.

"no Swazz, we didn't brake up, Derek's just a sook" i say grabbing the orange juice out of the fridge, pouring myself and the boys a glass. i hand them their glass of juice and resume back to the TV, but just as i'm about to sit down, Nate comes flying out of nowhere and jumps on the couch, spreading himself out so there's no space left and grabs the remote, flipping through the channels as if i'm not even there.

"Nate, move over." i say quietly as i don't want to yell at him, he looks at me and smiles.

"no" he says quickly before turning his attention back to the screen and completely ignoring me.

i turn around and go up to his room to find Indi.  i walk in and see her on the bed on her phone going through Instagram.

"Indi,  can i hug your boyfriend please?" i ask with my best pleading voice.

"he ain't even my boyfriend, why you wanna hug him so bad?" she says with a questioning look.

"it's the only way he'll  forgive me" i say walking back down the hallway and staircase.

i walk back into the lounge to find Nate in the same spot on the couch, i stand right in front of him, grabbing the remote and putting it on the table, i climb onto the couch next to him and snuggle into his chest, smelling his cologne.

"Kiran, what are you doing" he asks, lifting his arm away from me and scooting back. feeling a little hurt by the gesture he just made, i close my eyes. he never calls me by my full name...

"i'm sorry Nate" i say softly. he sighs in defeat and wraps his arms back around my waist and pulls me back into his chest.

"it's okay" he says quietly.

"love you" i say in a high pitch voice, making him chuckle

"love you too" he says kissing my forehead and resting his head on mine.

i'm just about to doze off when i feel two large arms wrap around me and lift me off of Nate, i can tell its Derek because of the switchblade tattoo on his wrist.

"mine." he says protectively whilst death glaring Nate.

"Derek chill" i say while grabbing his hand after he put me down, Indi walks in and sees the anger on Derek's face.

"what happened here?" she asks looking at Derek.

"tell him to keep his hands off my girl" he said to her, grabbing my wrist and pulling me back up stairs

"Derek"  i kept saying to get his attention and calm him down, i don't know why he's so mad, I've cuddled with Nate before, hes like my brother and Derek knows that.

"baby, stop" i say to him when we get to the top of the staircase. "why are you so mad?" i ask him, touching his cheek to get him to look me in the eyes.

"my turn" he says in a low voice, making me slightly nervous, he crashes his  lips on mine in a passionate kiss, squeezing my hips harshly, making me squirm

"jump baby" he says softly, tapping the back of my thighs, i jump and wrap my legs around his waist, locking my arms around his neck, continuing the kiss.

i hadn't realized we were in the room until i feel myself being pushed down onto a bed, the smell of Derek's cologne surrounding me. he moves his lips down to my neck while taking my shirt off and unbuttoning my shorts. once my shorts are off i flip us over so i'm on top, taking his shirt off and throwing it on the floor, pulling his sweats down, along with his boxers, i go to the bedside table and grab a condom out of the drawer.

i get back on the bed and on top of Derek, continuing our kiss, he flips us back over so hes on top once again, taking the condom out of my hand, he puts it on and takes my underwear off, and without warning, slams into me, going at a speed i have never known him to be able to do.


the grunts and moans coming out of his mouth and into my ear sound like heaven to me, sending shivers up my spine, making it harder to control myself from spilling over the edge, headboard hitting the wall, bed springs squeaking, pants,moans,grunts and groans being released from both of us, we release at the same time, screaming Derek's name, my legs shake as he falls on top of me, breathing as though we just finished a marathon, sweating like athletes.

"that was the most intense shit I've ever experienced" i say out of breath, rolling over to my side of the bed to check my phone, we lasted 2 hours, holy shit.

"same, but it was the best I've ever had, so i'm not complaining" he says standing up to put his clothes back on.

i get up from the bed, i have to support myself by holding onto the headboard to make sure my legs don't give out, and make my way to the bathroom to have a quick shower, but before i close the door, i hear Swazz yell

"are you's fucking done yet?!" he screams clearly frustrated with the noise.

"yes Swazz, were done, sorry!" i say back, laughing and closing the bathroom door, turning the shower on the hottest temperature and getting in, helping relax my muscles from the best 2 hours of my life...

note to self:

 leave Derek hanging more often...


yo i felt hell weird writing this, i'm at my best friend's house and someone commented on the last chapter asking me to update so i did, my best friend was legit watching me type most of it haha. 



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