Naramdaman ko na may humawak sa pagkalalaki ko. Napamoan ako in pleasure.


I flipped my head from side to side. Nakakarouse, whoever is toying my thing will be returned with the same pleasure.


Someone is masturbating me. I wanted to wake-up, but I’m afraid it’s only a dream or a mental breakdown dahil sa mga naririnig ko kanina.


But I need to know, whatever it will be.

Dahan-dahan kong binuksan ang aking mata…nung una medyo malabo pa, pero later, as my eyes adapted the environment so easily, naklaro ko kung sino ang nagsasalsal sa akin. I saw her moving her tongue across her lips, showing an eager gesture. She’s constantly swallowing as well.

“Eurika?” I said in amazement.

“Did you like it?” with the tone of her voice, I must say that I didn’t just like it, I loved it.

“Yes…..please….. Don’t stop”, I begged her.

She acted as if like he’s a computer that can do multi-tasks. While her other hand is stimulating the very me, she held her other arm below and started to swivel my balls. I arched in delight.

“Ahhhhhhhh”, I elicited.

“Do you want me to be a bad girl? Huh?” asked her again with that same knowing tone that could advance my orgasm ten folds.

“Yes…please….” I pleaded her. I sounded like a toddler asking for something which is so equivocal for mommy to give. Her fingers are tightening until they gripped my length with a delicious pain that made it even harder.

“How?” she questioned me like I’m a moron.

“Top me…..ahhhhhh”, I then outcry.

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