Chapter 1

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Chapter One: Nothing Left


A constant nudge to my shoulder woke me out of my sedated state of mind, “Hey Edward, dude, you might want to wake up before Mrs. Cope catches you passed out in her class again. You get caught this time man and they won’t let you come back.” Mike whispered before Mrs. Cope came back in.

Drool hung in a long strand from my mouth to my desk and landed in a small puddle. I lifted my head just enough to look in Mike’s direction to my left to nod I got it. “Hey Edward, you better hope your mutt of a friend Jake doesn’t bring his bike today…rain.” She muttered under her breath, with a finger pointed to the window as Mrs. Cope walked in and it was just bad timing as everything in my life seemed to be when I said, “Damn…”

“Excuse me Mr. Masen…?” Mrs. Cope’s voice stated with pure hatred towards the school addict.

Paying attention to anything in my life wasn’t the easiest thing for me to do and at this very moment, that was plain to see when I grunted at her offensive tone and let my head fall back onto my desk. My forehead landed right in the middle of my own drool. I suppose it could have been worse if it had been my own vomit. Not that that hasn’t happened before. I pulled my head back up completely ignoring that the teacher was still looking in my direction when I clearly heard Mike make the sound, “Eww…that’s sick man…” if he thought that was sick, it was seriously going to put a wrench in that low I.Q. brain of his when I reached over to his desk and grabbed the ugliest scarf known to man and wiped my forehead clean.

I chuckled aloud when Mike about threw up right in front of me. I tried to be nice and hand it back,

“Uh, no man, you keep it. Remind me to never leave any kind of clothing of mine around you.”

“Mr. Masen, are you trying to become a nuisance in my class today? If so, you can leave now. I don’t have time to deal with a kid…like you…”

I took that upon my good graces to get up and walk out, but it wasn’t going to be that easy and I knew that. Not with Mrs. Cope. She had her way of snarling at me when she felt it was necessary and sometimes she was a softy towards me and today, well, I don’t think that she could honestly decide. As usual I had to hear the same line from her and she absolutely knew that it triggered me. Between us, it was a love/hate relationship.

“Mr. Masen, I’m sure your mother wouldn’t approve of your drug induced activities if she were here…” Standing in front of me as I tried to walk out and say that, didn’t help her case in the slightest as I stood towering her form. My hatred filtering through in one heartbeat…My teeth seethed a deep menacing sound as I inhaled. Mrs. Cope’s limbs frantically shook, almost violently as I was sure my eyes burned with hostility.

“The lack of miscommunication between us about the woman who gave birth to me is clearly lacking. You knew her well, correct…?”

Her eyes fell to her feet as she whispered, attempting to thwart the answer. Embarrassment covered her cheek bones. No one that knew her back then wanted to admit to knowing her. I just wanted her to admit it, right to my face. I began to lose my patience. I was positive that I hadn’t blinked once while I waited for her response. I could hear the other students rustling behind me. My muscles constricted, the burn intensified the longer I stood there and finally I had had enough. I closed the distance slightly and said,

“Say it…”

“S-a-y it…”

“Yes…” She whimpered in defeat.

“Then tell me Mrs. Cope, who is more at fault here. My addicted way or the woman who gave birth to me only to leave me inside a gas station as she stared right into the camera and walked out of my life at the ripe age of two? Care to give your answer? I’m guessing about right now, she’s completely unaware of my existence, so spare me the mother speech because you and I both know that I don’t have one.”

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