Police station

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Hiros POV

        "So let me get his straight." The chubby officer looked between me and Tadashi; "You, little boy, had two babies." I nodded my head. His unamused expression didn't change; "And before... Giving birth... Some strange man came into your room?" I nodded again. He snorted; "This same man, took both your children, whom are from your own body, and kidnapped them?"

"Listen, I know it seems crazy, but it's true." Tadashi said, stepping in.

"And you." The officer turned to my husband; "Are the father?"

"It sounds crazy." Tadashi chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of his head.

"It sounds illegal." The officer said, his expression still unamused.

"Listen, will you help us or not? We aren't joking around! We're adults! We know it seems like a prank, but we're completely serious." I said, trying to convince him. He smirked slightly, then pulled a file onto the countertop.

He opened it, pulling out a piece of paper with my picture on it; "Hiro Hamada. Eighteen year old minor, graduated high school at thirteen, then started a career in illegal bot fighting. Sound familiar?"

"I can explain." I said, fidgeting nervously; "I don't bot fight anymore." I said, coming up with no other ideas. He smirked again, looking down at some other papers; "Last known sighting, attending a bot fight arena last Friday." He looked back up at me. I chuckled nervously; "I cracked...?"

I looked up at my husband, hoping for reassurance, but instead saw a stern disappointed face. I sighed; "I'm sorry."

"I've failed as a protector, I've let my little brother slip from reality and go straight to the pits of hell!" He hissed. I cringed at his words, still not adjusted to the brother part.

"And you." The officer said, turning to Tadashi. I smirked; "Let's see what dirt he has about you." He chuckled; "Of Tadashi Hamada?! You gotta be kidding me. Straight A's, attended an award winning college and created a world changing invention? He wouldn't hurt a fly." The chubby man stood up, patting my husbands shoulder firmly.

"Thank you sir, it's nice to know someone appreciates me. I think." Tadashi said, attempting to shake he officers hand. He smirked, sitting back down and scratching his dark brown skin; "You boys are an interesting pair. I should arrest you," he pointed at me; "And I should get your aughtograph." He pointed at my brother; "And I should report both of you in for having an illegal relationship. How ever did you become a couple?"

We both chuckled nervously; "It's a... Long story... So um, we good?" I asked, smiling the best I could. He chuckled; "We're not, I still think I should arrest you. But sense I like your brother so much, I'll let it slide."

"Can you... Help us find our kids?" Tadashi asked eagerly.

"Of course I will."

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