Chapter Twenty: Burning the Necklace

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The mist seemed to make the place look so very different from the last time that they had been there; it was late in the afternoon and Gabriela was exhausted from the traveling that they had gotten done.

It had been rather odd between her and Jacob since things had ended between Nessie, he had barely said two words to her unless he needed to and it was slowly starting to worry her.

She had no idea how to talk to him about what she had heard and Gabriela wished that she had some idea about how she should approach him about what had happened.

There was no way that his break up could be easy on him and Gabriela hoped that things were going to get better for him; he was such an amazing man and he deserved to be happy.

"It's beautiful here," Gabriela whispered looking around, she was surprised how untainted this place was and she wished that there was something like this back in California.

Jacob nodded his head, he moved forward knowing that the sooner that this was all over the better; he wanted to forget everything that had happened and move on with his life.

Slowly trailing after him, Gabriela kept quiet as she thought about everything that had happened in the past few weeks and she hoped that things would be okay afterwards.

Reaching the cave, Gabriela paused at the sight of the sketches that they had made when they were children; it brought back so many memories and it made her smile.

Stopping in front of the pictures, Gabriela traced her fingers over the sketches that they had made years ago and she thought about all the happy times that they'd had.

"I'll go and get some firewood," Jacob murmured not looking at Gabriela, he turned away and walked out of the cave leaving Gabriela behind.

Gabriela watched him walk away and sighed, she slowly walked over to a couple of rocks before she sat down; she hated that he was taking this out on her, she had nothing to do with the break up.


It wasn't long before a fire was built and the pair were sat in front silently watching the flames as the sun set; neither of them knew what to say and they were sure that they were doing the right thing.

Slipping her hand under her tie side jumper, Gabriela carefully removed the necklace from around her neck and looked down at it in her hands; she was going to miss wearing the necklace all the time.

"I remember when you gave this to me... it was right before we left for California," Gabriela said smiling, she could still remember the last trip that they had taken here as if it was yesterday and she was determined to make sure that she brought her own children here one day.

It was something that she was going to push for now that she had returned herself, she was hoping that Daniel would agree when she talked to him about it.

"Something for you to remember me by," Jacob mused softly, he stared at the necklace hating that they had to destroy it like this; he had spent ages making it and it sort of stung that they had to destroy it now.

They would be going their separate ways in a matter of days and he doubted that they would ever meet again; Jacob was sure that it was only going to be a matter of time before she got married.

There was silence again as they both thought about what was going to happen, it would be truly the last time that they saw one another and there was so much that had changed for them.

Gabriela stared down at the necklace, she didn't want to burn something that meant so much to her but if she wanted to marry Daniel then it had to be done.

Carefully handing the necklace over to Jacob, Gabriela couldn't describe how she felt and she looked down at her 9ct white gold 1/3 carat diamond cluster engagement ring and wondered if she would ever feel this way about something that Daniel had given her.

Jacob watched her for a moment before tossing the necklace into the fire, he wasn't even sure that this would work but he knew that he wasn't going to mess with her relationship.

His eyes couldn't help but catch on the engagement ring that lay on her finger, it looked more expensive than his car and it was clear that the ring had cost Gabriela's fiancée lots of money.

Gabriela stared at the burning necklace, she didn't feel anything different and she had imagined that there would be some sort of feeling when it came to burning the necklace but there was nothing.

Getting up from his seat, Jacob moved to sit next to Gabriela as they watched the necklace burn; he didn't know what else could be said about this moment.

Gabriela rested her head onto Jacob's shoulder as they watched the fire, the dark creeping in as the sun completely disappeared and the moon came out; the night air grew colder leaving the only heat coming from Jacob and the fire.

"We should get going soon," Jacob whispered leaning his head against Gabriela's, his eyes staring into the flames wondering what lay ahead for them both when there was nothing holding them back.

Nodding her head, Gabriela didn't say a word as she continued to watch the fire burn the necklace; she just hoped that things were going to work out from this moment on.

The trip back to La Push was quick and neither of them knew what to say as they pulled up outside of Jacob's house; they hadn't said much to one another after burning the necklace both lost in their thoughts.

Gabriela stared at the house and took a deep breath, she had never thought that this would be over so quickly and she knew that it meant that she would have to return to California.


Turning off the engine, Jacob leant back in his seat and stared at his home hoping that Nessie had been by and collected the stuff that she had left there.

Right now, the last thing that Jacob wanted was to see her again after they had ended things, he wanted time to wrap his head around this and he knew his friends would want to know what had happened.

Not saying a word, Jacob climbed out of the truck and slammed the door after him; he would get his bag later when he felt like it.

Gabriela slowly climbed out of the truck after him, she wanted to say something before they had to face people and she knew that this might be her only chance to do so.

Opening her mouth to call to him, Gabriela stopped when she noticed someone sitting on Jacob's doorstep; her stomach dropped and she couldn't believe what she was seeing.

Jacob stared at the man that he didn't recognise; he wasn't in the mood for this right now and he just wanted to get inside and forget everything that had happened since Gabriela had come back into his life.

"Daniel?" Gabriela whispered moving forward, her eyes locked on her fiancé as she wondered what the hell he was doing in La Push.

He didn't look happy and Gabriela could only hope that he wasn't going to make a scene, he hadn't been happy when she had told him what had to be done to break her connection with Jacob.

Daniel got to his feet, he didn't know what had been going on here but he was putting an end to it.

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