The Actual Monster Here.

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Jack's pov

    I woke up
Or at least, I think I did. I was in this.... Different tank..
I seen scientists all around shivering in fear as they stared at me. It feels like I've been awake for hours.

Then I seen him.
Mark was wearing his lab coat, but it was all clawed and chewed up.
His eyes were wide as his hair was a mess, along with him himself.

I grinned evilly.

He's so adorable.

He needs to be mine.

"What are ye looking at?"

They all shook in fear.
Mark just stared at me. Like I was some monster.

"S-Ss please d-don't hurt Mr. Fischbach again...." A scientist said.

My eyes widened.
I hurt Mark? How? I don't even remember..

Suddenly, I looked at my hands. They had long sharp black claws. I raised a eyebrow as I noticed two spider like legs form out of my back. I looked down at my tail and seen two daggers stick out of it. I shook as I finally got a look of my reflection.

Mark did this to me

....Mark did this to me.

I growled and looked at him.

He stood up straight. "Me..?"

I growled and banged on the glass.


I clawed at the glass.
"SS, I did not!, your brain has did this to yourself! Because you reflect a 'happy' life with me and knowing you won't have it turned you into this!"

I hissed.

"This? I'm just a this?"

I felt myself tear up.

He will only see me as a this.

I growled louder and stuck my spider like legs into the glass and yelled, as the liquids began to poor out and everyone freaking out


I broke the glass and alarms went off, as the water, along with Me, poor out of the tank.

Everyone scattered around as I used my spider like legs to carry Me around.

I needed to be free and happy.

The only way I'll be free is if I go back to the ocean.

I looked over at Mark, who was in the corner scared out of his mind.

The only way I'll be happy if I have Mark to love me..

I started to walk over, calming down. He shivered and started to tear up.

I sighed and fell in front of him, grabbed his face. His tears fell onto my hands and into my webbed fingers, soaking into my cells.

"Don't cry.."

I sighed and started to wipe his tears with my fingers, being very cautious.

His eyes were widened.

"You're not gonna hurt me..?"

I sighed and shook my head.

It was my nature to act like this.. Or maybe because he makes

I let go of him and he quickly stuck a needle in my shoulder, letting the liquids soak in.
I hissed out in pain and growled softly. Suddenly, I yawned and closed my eyes.
"Put me back in the...."
I fell asleep.

Mark's pov

Maybe I am the real monster..

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