Chapter 29. National Being You Girl Everywhere Day!

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"Babe." He called, shaking me.


"Wake up." He shakes me a bit harder.

"Five more minutes." I mumbled. He pulls the sheets off me. I reached out for the sheets but they were long gone. I rolled myself into a small ball.

"Jesus. You're lazy." He muttered, irritated. He jumped onto me.

"Joel! You asshole! I'm trying to sleep!"

"How can you be so tired when you went to sleep at 7 last night and it's now fucking 9:30! Get your ass up, woman!" I sat up and screamed at him. He smiled." Good morning to you too, my crouching tiger." He teased in a baby voice. I groaned." Get up lazy bones. I made breakfast." He pulled me up with him. I looked at what he was wearing. It was just a sweatpants. If I knew Joel, which I do very well. I'd know he's not wearing any underwear. I grabbed his waistband and peeked inside. I knew it, no underwear, just bare backside.

"Problem, Ms. Cabrera?" He says cockily.

"None what so ever, baby." I answered. He smirked.




We sat at the island surrounded by pancakes, and fruit. I frowned at him when he pushed his sardine sandwich in front of my nose." What are you doing?"

"How does it smell to you?"

"Like sardines." I answered.

"No nausea?" I shook my head. What was he getting at? He frowned and dropped his sandwich on his plate." Well that sucks." He sighed. I raised a brow at him.

It hit me." We still have at least three week more before the symptoms really kick in." He shook his head.

"Hun, I want to know now," he looks me in the eye," the faster I get you pregnant the faster we....."

"We what?"


"Joel." I warned.

"Don't worry about, it's not important. I promise."

I didn't want to drop but I trust him somehow and that could be dangerous." Ok." He kissed my cheek and I blushed immensely.

"Don't worry you pretty little head, I won't leave you. Ever." I looked at him. He gives me that heart melting half smile. I swear I almost said I love you. I grabbed his face and pulled him to me to prevent the words from coming out. I kissed him long and hard. Before I knew it I was on his lap with no shirt on. I wrapped my arms around his neck." Did you know it's Take Your Girl Everywhere Day today?"

"Is that even a real thing?"

"Dunno but for me it is and I'm taking you everywhere I go." He smiled and pecked my nose. I made a face.

"Even in the bathroom?" I questioned.

"That sounds like a request, and.....maybe," he winked. I gushed. Eww." First we are going to Manhattan and do some shopping." My gross out mood quickly changed. I shrieked.

"Imma go get ready." I said already halfway to the bedroom.




"I'm so tired?" I groaned, falling onto a bench face down. He chuckled.

"How? We've only been to five stores." He says. I glared at him. He looked gorgeous in white pants, grey hoodie and white converse. I was wearing the same but instead of a grey hoodie I was wearing a grey crop top.

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