Chapter 2 - The useless one

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With fazed eyes i looked at my [Status].


Name: Toru
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Race: Human
Class: <???>
Lvl: 1
HP: 10/19
MP: 17/17
STR: 11
VIT: 9
SPD: 12
MRES: 11

Skills: <???>


I guess the decreased HP stat was the recoil from the beating i got some 10 minutes ago.
But the rest of my stats.
They're horrible.
In a class with an average of 75, i'm way behind.
If anyone'd find out, i would be bullied even more.
But i can't hide it or i'll have to do things i can't handle with stats like these.
Anyway, what do these question marks mean?
Does it mean i have no potential or that i have an enormous amount of it?
I don't know.

As i was thinking about my current problems, the king spoke again:
"We will now ask of you to tell us both your stats and skills, so we can divide you in different groups for training."

"Wait a minute!", someone shouted,"
Who says we want to do that.
There are some important questions left you know!"

"May i ask you what questions you still have?" answered the king in a calm voice.

Leitch took over: "Obviously, it's whether or not we're able to return to our world".

After these words, a murmur broke out between my classmates.

"I can tell you", the king said, silencing the audience hall,"that when you defeat the Demon King, an oracle will appear, who is all-knowing. If you want to know how to go back, you'll need to ask him, since we ourselves can't send you back".

With a concentrated look on his face Leitch mumbled: "I see..."

He straightened his back and turned towards the rest of the class.

"I know not all of you want to help these people and risk your life for them.
But, even though it's all right to act like that, i guess it's best for us to do as they say for now and gather information on this world."

While he spoke, a lot of people nodded and in the end, everyone agreed with Leitch.
As usual, nobody even looked around at me.

"Well then", the King said, "please step forward one by one. After you state your class, skills and stats, you'll be divided in magician, knight and non-combatant groups".

Since no one dared to be the first to declare their stats, Leitch took initiative.

"My class is [Legendary Swordsman],
my stats average around 100 and my skills are many".

Upon these words a loud murmuring broke out, from both the classmates and the royalty and knights.

"[Legendary Swordman]?
Only 5 people with that class are known in history!!"

"Such high stats!
As expected of Leitch! He's so amazing!"

And so on.
I just got more and more depressed.

When the sound was ebbed away,
It was Arii's turn.

"My class is [Legendary Sorceress],
with stats around 100 and numerous skills"

This time it was more of an explosion than a murmur.

"Two Legendary classes at once!
I can't believe it!"

"I'm so jealous. Such great stats with those looks... No wonder she has such a good relationship with Leitch".

After that, everyone else in the class came and went, getting divided in three groups.
About 20% of the class had a non-combatant class.

Finally it was my turn.

I stepped forward and looked the King in the eyes.

"I have neither skills nor a class. My stats average around 12".

Silence followed my words.
One second.
Two seconds.

I just stood there looking the King straight in the eyes.
It was the only thing i could do.

At last the King spoke:
"You boy, come with me".

As he signaled two men standing near a wooden door at the right corner of the hall behind the throne,
i decided to follow him.

When the King followed by the two men and me left the hall,
a roar like an explosion could be heard.
50% confused people, 20% angry people, 30% laughing people.

As expected.
The ones laughing were my 'classmates'.

I followed the King.
We were walking through a long hallway, with at one side a wall with every few meters a door and at the other side window-like openings looking into a beautiful garden with lots of trees and a single, small gravel path wriggling around the greenery.
Suddenly, the King turned a corner and entered a large office room.

The room had a single wooden desk with a matching wooden chair in the middle of the room. Two seats stood in front of it.
All around the desk against the walls stood richly decorated wooden bookcases, filled with books in all sorts of sizes and colours.

The king sat down behind the desk and gestured me to sit down in front of him.
The two men remained standing behind the King.

"This certainly is problematic", the King spoke.

Of course it is. It's not like i wanted this to happen.

"I guess you could say that", i answered.

"Are you sure those are your real stats?"

Why would i lie about that?

"Yes, i'm sure".

The King sighed.

"What'll we do about this?", he mumbled.

One of the men stepped forward and whispered something in the Kings ear what resulted in a short hissing contest.

After about one minute the King turned back at me.

"We might have a solution for this problem".

I want to hear your idea before i react to that.

The King continued:
"We plan on keeping you here until the other heroes have a certain level. Then you will go with them and they will weaken a monster for you.
Killing such a monster is a certain way to level someone up to lvl.2.
Since you were summoned here as a hero there is the possibility to gain a rare ability by leveling up.
If that doesn't happen, we'll reevaluate your situation".

"That doesn't sound too bad".

It didn't.
I guess.

"But", i asked,"what do i do in the meantime?"

"You can do whatever you want, as long as you stay in the castle".

"Fine then".

I stood up.

"Can i leave then?"

"Yes, you can. Aiso here will guide you to your room".

The guy named Aiso gestured me to follow him, so i did.
He led me to a large room with a medieval style bed and wooden floors.
Against the wall stood a large bookcase and one of the walls had windows and a door leading to a balcony with sight unto the kingdom.
Right beneath me were rows and rows of houses, inside a large circle-like rampart. Behind the rampart the horizon was filled with tens and tens of fields, leading to a big round orange sun, peeping from in between two hills.

I could get used to this sight.
Tired i laid myself on the bed and fell asleep.


Author Note:

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I hope you enjoyed it and stay for the next chapter(s) as well 😀

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