Into You ~ Part 4 {Jackson FF}

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"Different people awaken different beast in you."

Summary: Jackson the guy who's known to get around is not the type to stick to relationships. But will happen when he falls for one specific girl? Read to find out what happens.



A day passes after the party and you didn't see Jackson anywhere or heard about him ever since. Things were going to be back to normal you thought to yourself, but you spoke way too soon... You still had to write an essay that was due in three days, and the best place to write your essay was at a coffee shop that was near the school campus. You sat at a empty table taking out your laptop, notebook, and started to get a headstart on your essay.

Just as you were lost in your thoughts you felt someone staring right at you. You stopped writing in your notebook and looked up and looked around the coffee shop. You spotted Jackson and he looked away.

"Okay?" you mumbled confused.

You looked down back at your notebook and was about to write again, but just then after a couple of minutes lost in your thoughts you hear someone clear their throats and it was Jackson....

"What do you want?" you said already annoyed.

"Can we talk?" Jackson says as you looked at him scared on what he has to say...


"About?" you asked confused. "About what happened the night of the party," Jackson says and you rolled your eyes. To be honest you didn't want to hear a single word Jackson had to tell you but you knew he would talk to you no matter what.

"Fine talk," you said closing your laptop and giving your full attention to Jackson.

"I'm sorry, what I said was rude." Jackson says and you nodded. For once we have something we both can agree on.

"Cool," you said and looked at your notebook.

"Cool? Is that all your going to say after I apologized?" Jackson says offended.

"Yeah," you responded and you began to write. You could feel Jackson still in front of you. You looked at him and he looked really annoyed. At this point you didn't care whether he was mad at your or not, but his comment was completely unnecessary.

"Your roommate made me come here and apologize to whatever I did, but you know what I take it back cause your a bitch," Jackson says and your eyes widen. You could never let a guy disrespect you like the way he just did. You were planning to let Jackson get the last word but he just called you a bitch and now expects you to keep your mouth shut? This guys has some nerves..

"Call me a bitch all you want, but I'm not the one who is a fucking perv and is a fucking dick most of the times. I'm only a bitch cause you make me this way," you said gathering your things and as soon as you had everything in your hands, you left the coffee shop without saying another world to Jackson.

You can't be around him anymore. He drives you crazy getting you annoyed and ruining your day.


By the time you written some of your essay down you needed a break. You laid down on your bed closing your eyes till all of sudden you hear your phone vibrate. You stretched out your hand and reached for your phone still having your eyes closed. As soon as you had your phone in front of you, you opened your eyes and you received a text from your roommate.

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