eleven//the law is watching

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The shot back upwards throwing punches were thrown from the man, the last of them made contact.

Zheng shoved the man back on his feet, watching the muscular man rush toward him in slow motion.

Zheng gave him nice stiff left, which he planned to follow with a right cross. Slipping to the left, which threw him off enough so that Zheng could step inside the right cross and get a handful of his hair.

Pulling his head forward and broke his nose with Zheng's hard head. Still holding his hair in one hand, Zheng used his other hand into his crotch and Zheng put shoulder into him and lifted him off the ground and slammed him down on the hard concrete floor.

He absorbed the trauma, swallowing the pain, then kicked his way slowly back to the surface.

Zheng hit him with his left hand  under his ribs where the sternum ends. It paralyzed his diaphragm and he gasped and doubled over and then pitched forward onto the ground.

The man stared at Zheng before his pulled his gun from the side of his belt out and charged again; gun pointed directly at Zheng.

Grabbing his wrist, Zheng used his left hand and held his gun hand against his chest, the gun caught under the jacket. Hitting him twice more with right, square in the nose. He sagged and Zheng shoved him away.

The man roared before he pulled the gun out of his jacket, Zheng didn't even try not to stop the gun; he rolled his hand under the man's wrist, drove the man's arm over and back, and pulled him backward and down.

When Zheng had the gun he took it and man slammed into the floor, and hit him on the forehead with it two hard times.

Reaching downwards Zheng pulled the man upwards to his feet. Taking his right hand wrapping it around the back of the neck while the left one gripped the chin. An sharp harsh turn and it snapped like a baby tree branch.

Take a deep breath.



Zheng, inched his arms under him and pushed himself up on his own hands and knees.

Zheng felt his head swam. 'In and out baby.' whispered through Zheng's head. He relaxed as it repeated itself in Hunter's voice.

Zheng stayed that way for a bit, on his hands and knees with my head hanging, like a winded horse. Everything blurred for a minute, then came back into focus gain. Zheng inhaled some more and felt a little steadier.

'Pain was just an illusory sensation that his mind could shut down if it needed to. Put it aside.' Zheng thought to himself before straighten upwards.

"Anyone else wanna question me!" Zheng shouted out into the prison making it silence before it erupted. The cries and screams of the inmates scared every guard to death. The cries informed them that they're king was home and ready for blood.

Zheng smiled until he felt a sharp pain in the back of his neck. Turning he felt his body shutting down as he caught a glance of black hair.
[February 2, 2016
10:50 am]

Hunter relaxed fully for the first time since in a while. His blue eyes bright crinkled around the the edges as he watched Leo play. Leo was making shooting sounds as he laid across his cowboy rug and pretended to be a Jedi.

His mission was to save Luke Skywalker from the evil Darth Vader with help from his mommy, Hunter. Everything seemed to have final started to settle down and Leo was getting used to the new house.

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