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eleven//the law is watching
[February 2, 2016
2:58 am]

No one moved as the prison itself seemed to be at an standby as the only sound was the crying of the guard who laid on the floor. The guard wailed even hardly as no one moved to help him. His men, who stood beside him for years were suddenly to scared to move.

A blood spot were forming onto the front of the crying guard pants he was trying to stop the bleeding but applying pressure was killing him and Zheng enjoyed it.

He smirked as some of the men winced at the sound of the cry. None attempted to approach him and receive the same fate. Straightening up to his full height Zheng glanced around the prison taking in the full area of his new home.

The prison was cold and unfeeling almost blank. Each wall carefully designed to hold one back from the freedom which the men inside longed for. A small cell with barred doors and no window confine multiple men, with a small metallic frame. Inside a worn out mattress and thin blankets make they're sleeping area.

All of the cell there are two beds forcing you to share cells. In the corner of the small inhumane cell is a toilet bowl, unclean and overused, with no walls around since privacy is nonexistent here.

This prison didn't have a part of the wall would be personalized with the occupant's letters from the outside or pictures. It was hell and this hell was their home.

Outside the cells, there are numbers or letters to designate which cell belongs to whom. The guards that were stationed at every post to monitor and surveillance the area watching for the top.

Officer Mitchell watched as the man before him stared at the prison with half curious eyes before they went blank. Suddenly he turned back with so much force the officer jumped back.

"Take these cuff off me before I get angry." Zheng ordered officer Mitchell who moved closer towards him shaking with a single key in his wavering hand.

As each lock of cuffs that restricted most of his movement flew and dropped slowly Zheng cracked his knuckles and neck before straighten out his suit.

Zheng sighed in content as he rolled his neck in circles before stretching his arms. Focusing back on officer Mitchell who involuntarily took a step back.

"Take me to-"

An hand appeared from nowhere wrapping around Zheng's throat tightening to the point the that he was seeing black dots. Gripping the hand tighten on it until he felt the bones inside grind against another Zheng growled as the hand started to release.

Yanking the hand back Zheng locked eyes with the man who tried to kill him. He wore an officer's uniform like the others but the air around him was dangerous and tense.

Maybe he wasn't a weak as the others. 'This will be fun.'

"Shuí tā mā de shì nǐ biǎo zi?" (Who the fuck are you bitch?) Zheng hissed out as he fought the urge to rub his bruised throat instead he ignored it.

The man chuckled at Zheng. "Zhè shì wǒ de jiānyù. Nǐ xiǎng yào tā. Nǐ dǎ wǒ." (This is my prison. You want it. You fight me.)

"Shénme shì wǒ yào bǎ nǐ de mùbēi shàng de míngzì ma?" (What's the name I'm gonna put on your tombstone?)

The man smirked at Zheng before he charged. He threw up his forearms like an offensive lineman blocking a defensive back, but Zheng slipped to the side, pushed the man's elbow down and away, caught his head, and rolled him into the floor.

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