"He has friends on the surface," Aquas muttered looking at Encaca, "but I'm not sure how to reach them," he added honestly, earning a nod from the sea witch.

"I'm usually not an advocate for crossing worlds, but I think this is an exception," Encaca said before looking away from Aquas to fish out four-stringed amulets from her waist bag. She stretched them out to Aquas, gesturing for him to take them. He gave her a confused look but let her push the stringed amulets into his palm.

"The council will decide on the three other people who will follow you to the surface," Encaca said as she eyes the amulets in his hand. "You'll change form immediately your head breaks the water. Please try to be safe, I'll join you when I can."

Aquas smiled, looking down at the amulets he held with a loose grip with much more regard.

"Thank you," he muttered to Encaca as his eyes stung. He wasn't sure what was happening to Jeffery now but he hopped his human was safe.

Encaca smiled at him before giving both his cheeks a motherly pat. She turned to address the council briefly before swimming out the hall leaving everyone to stare on as she left.

"We have to decide who's fit to go quickly," Marsha said, breaking the silence. Everyone in the council apart from Filli nodded in agreement. The young merman still didn't understand why they had to help.

"Aquas," one of the female members spoke up. "Who would you like to take with you?"

The question was followed by a full-length conversation until the council concluded on who should follow him.


"We're close," Ramie muttered as the light from the surface started to seem closer. Yanus hummed in agreement while Aquas and Althorn concentrated on the journey ahead.

With much consideration, Althorn, the leader of the gatherers as well as Yanus and Ramie were chosen to follow Aquas to the surface. They all had their amulet around their necks and will occasionally feel them as they approached the surface.

Ramie bit his lip as the rays of sunlight reflecting on the water surface shined with more intensity as they continued to swim upwards. He'd never been above the water like Aquas, or out of necessity like Yanus and Althorn who were gatherers.

Aquas was the first person to break the water surface. The others watched as his green-gold embellished tail was replaced with human legs. Ramie watched as the others swam up to join him. He watched their tails change into legs individually before fiddling with his own amulet nervously. He shut his eyes, taking a deep breath before swimming out of the water himself. The others were already seated on the beach sand, waiting for Ramie who had to swim up to shore.

"I'm not sure what to think of this," Althorn said, looking down at the hair infested pair of limbs human called legs. He raised his hands to his eyes, frowning slightly at the lack of thin webbing between the fingers. They also looked rough compared to the silky look he was used to.

"I don't know what to think of this either," Yanus muttered, looking between his legs. "How do they move around with this?" he asked no one in particular.

Aquas was carefully inspecting his human body. Of course, he'd seen enough of humans to be familiar with their look, but being one was completely fascinating. He twitched a foot, smiling as the toes wiggled in response.

"What now?" Ramie asked as he decided to sit on the large rock that was wedged on the moist shore.

"We wait," Aquas said as he hugged his legs to himself before looking out into the water, observing it from a human's perspective for the first time.

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