Chapter Two: Deadly Secrets

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"Marriage? I can barely stand to hear your name brought up in conversation and you want me to marry you?" Eva hissed as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"This ain't my idea baby, and the feeling is mutual. Look we marry and bring together two of the biggest clubs in the country. You help us with the money from your trading, and we give you product to trade. Plus, it will get these FBI pricks off our backs, and it might show good faith to the clubs." Jax smirked as he sat at the front of the table, the large reaper staring at Eva as she stood up, not in the mood to sit calmly.

"And what else Jax? You get to put me as a notch on your bed?" Eva smirked as she tossed her hair over to one side, revealing her black widow tattoo.

"Honey, you ain't goin near my bed okay? The repulsion you have for me, is how I feel about you." Jax hissed as he stood, his hand-held out. Eva sighed and ran her hands through her hair, her mind going over the fact that they had lost their biggest supplier. No supplies meant no money, no money meant the club was finished. When she had been patched over as President of the Renegades, she never thought that this moment would ever happen, in fact this was her nightmare.

"Deal, I will marry you Jax Teller." Eva said, the words tasting like poison as they slipped past her lips. She scoffed and turned around to face the wall, her hands running over her hair as she was sure she had just made a devastating mistake.

"You made a smart choice, Eva. This is going to benefit us both—you'll see." Jax said as he scooted back in his chair, Eva turning back around to face him. She looked at him, took him in this time around. Jax was always considered handsome with his baby blue eyes and his long blonde hair, but he repulsed her.

Her entire life she had been told to hate SAMCRO and to stay away from Jax Teller. Jax Teller was a disease and all he cared about was getting his dick wet, according to her father. Her father had always been so adamant that she stay away from Jax, and never fall for his charm, a promise she was keeping no matter what.

"When I prayed to god for a husband, maybe I should've been more specific." Eva smirked as she walked around the table and looked over the papers, Jax's signature staring her in the face. Could she do this? Could she marry Jax Teller, a man that she had hated her entire life? Her mind turned to the club, her men now resting on her shoulders and every decision she made.

"You aren't the woman of my dreams either, and you have to remember this is just business. You are NOT my wife and I am NOT your husband. You will not share my bed nor my things and you will remember where we stand." Jax said sternly, Eva straightening up as no man was going to talk down to her in such a way.

She spit on his cut and shoved him down to the floor, watching in anger as a smile ran over his bearded face. "You ever talk to me like that again Jax Teller, and I will turn your balls into earrings." She hissed as she stood over him.

"Fair enough, you dirty whore." He hissed as he stood up and wiped her saliva from his cut, watching as she signed the papers sealing the deal and his future. She threw the pen on the table and looked up at him, wishing she could just slap that smile right off his lying mouth.

"I am no whore Jax, I believe you alone own that title. I have met seven women in three months all who claim to have rattled your cage, so don't throw out words that can fit you like a glove." Eva smiled as she pushed past Jax, a curse escaping her mouth as Jax shoved her into the wall, his hand punching beside her head moments later.

"If this is gonna work, we need to get along." He hissed, his nose almost touching hers. Eva shoved him back, his intimidation not working on her. She had been groomed to be a hard bitch and that's exactly who she was.

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