My Atmosphere is Changing

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November 12, 2017
This day was not just a good day for me since the Halloween party. Not only because of the nightmare that kept creeping towards me but I realized that my atmosphere slowly began to change. My mind had once warned me to look back at my cube momentarily now and when I did, there was nothing to be found. I don't know what had happened to me but something inside had triggered my surroundings and it had made me restless.
Before the veteran's day weekend, it seemed more depressing when I heard some Spencer town folks and the rest of America remembered some veterans who were their relatives had risked their lives for this country. And it was hurting me so much.
My parents alone knew it because our uncle who once lived with us, died a veteran. I loved my uncle and I missed him dearly, he did everything to make this family proud. I remember when my dad told Debra and I when he was a teenager he would sneak out our grand parents house at night just to watch the stars.
My parents also figured out that I was beginning to change. There were times when I cry uncontrollably in the middle of the night and Debra was there to comfort me letting mom in the room as well.
I was laying in my bed holding the cube as I waited for something to happen, until mom came in with a shock in here face.
"Christine, I hate to see you like this. Why don't you go outside and get some fresh air with your sister." She tells me.
I pushed my body up and gave a confusing look as she sat down at the edge of my bed.
I just can't mom.
"I'm fine mom, I just need to meditate for now."
As I knew it, I looked at mom and saw that her expression seemed serious.
"No, you've done that long enough. Go outside, talk to someone, get a boyfriend for crying out loud! A good one too."
But I said nothing while my head was hanged down and turned away as my eyes began to shed a tear knowing that holding back the sadness was unbearable.
You'll never understand.
"Come on sweetie, speak to me. Say something, please don't shut me out."
Then I instantly turned to face her.
"I can't mom, I just can't! There's something wrong with me but I don't know what it i..." I sob continuously.
After what happened, mom then gives me a warm hug and she then convinces me to be strong and enjoy my life even if these challenges would be faced. When I listened to her along with adding a slight smile, I told her that I would be walking with Debra to our friends house and she agreed.
I then head outside and decided that I would be walking to the Valentino's house instead since Debra wasn't anywhere near our house.
When I got there, Victor's mother answered the door with a sad look on her face as she told me to come in. She had sent me to his private room, where he had once told me that it was his lab and I find him sitting on the small sofa covered in a huge blue with yellow stars blanket.
To me he seemed pretty sick because he left his messy dark hair alone, his nose was bright red and he looked miserable.
"Hey." I tell him.
He doesn't answer.
I sat next to him and gave him a gentle hug letting my head rest on the back of his shoulder.
I'm so sorry.
"Christine, can I tell you something?" He says looking at me.
"Yeah." I said looking at him.
"I had a dream last night about you. And you were calling my name. I was running to you and I... I just couldn't reach you."
"Victor I don't know what you mean. What are you trying to say?"
"Christine... I don't know if this sounds crazy to you but I thought I heard someone said in my dream that your atmosphere must be changing."
My heart just dropped.
A/N: Just kidding Hey everyone, I published my new chapter as well as putting up a new cover for Home of the Brea. Also tell me how it effects you. But I am sure of having to add another chapter about Victor's POV this up coming Friday, if not then Saturday. And if you love my story, you can comment about it and even vote it.
Oh and be careful out there from the people protesting about the elected president for the past few days. I know it's shocking on how he got elected even I myself didn't know that was going to happen and it let me to tears. I just wish it didn't happen. I really wanted Hillary to become president, she worked so hard in politics, helped her husband while he was president even Obama. She even cared for America for crying out loud!
So when you enter American streets remember that we should be loved and respected from one another. And that means everyone. Whether you're White, African American, Latino, Asian even Native American, whatever. We should believe that all lives matter in America.
Thank you all, be safe and read on.
Shannon Kane is characterized as Mrs. Evelyn Brea (Christine's mom)

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