At the Park

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A new story my people!

I had no idea what to categorize this story as so I just put it as teen fiction for now.

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy and what not-

I was supposed to wait on my family.

I was supposed to find a spot for us to picnic and then wait there.

Instead I found a park bench.

It was a dirty green and the paint itself was peeling off the bench.

And no one was sitting on it...

It was perfect.

I closed my eyes and for a while all I was in peace-

it was like the world was temporarily shut down and I was the only person that existed.

I smiled in pure bliss.

So this was what peace felt like.

With a family of five boys, one girl and a bunch of cousins that always stayed over, I wasn't quite familiar with the words peace and quiet.

My moment of satisfaction was ruined when my family eventually found me. 

Great. I thought they might forget me here, which, with so many people in my house all the time almost always happened, especially to me.

I didn't really mind though, I liked being alone.

Probably more than I should actually.

But I was Jason Kin- I never really got along well with people, especially if they were loud and overly friendly and talkative, which 99.9% of my family members were.

Therefore, it can be said, that as hard as I tried, I couldn't find it in myself to have a proper relationship with my family members.

There you go.

This story is gonna have short chapters usually, but it's not a short story.

Hope you'll liked it annnnnnnd

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!! (if it's christmas day wherever you are...)

how did I make that awkward?

It was supposed to be so normal...

ahh well, updates on this story will be frequent until school starts back,

but u know hopefully it won't be too bad then.

anyways, happy holidays to you all! *mwah* 

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