Chapter 74

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"So Indira was married?" Hailie asked.

Eli paid for the clothes and told the cashier that he would come back for the bags later. He'd bought too much again for her, and the others had given him a list to get for them. Tom and Dylan needed just about everything (they had both gotten growth spurts recently) and Zigzag needed a few stuffs as well. Kendra had gone to get other things, Justin had taken Gordon's list (much to his joy) and they had left together. Hailie had thought that Justin would leave when they reached this island but it seemed as if he would be staying a little longer. Shen had gone to get some more supplies for both him and Celeste since apparently, she was wanted here as well. Hailie was very impressed. The Captain stayed on the ship since there were some people living in this area who would recognize him, and Roberto stayed as well, probably as lookout again. They were going now to get a bigger flower pot for Lilly's rose bush, and Eli was going to ask for other colors or different flower plants to surprise her with.

"Yes. His name was Roshan. Nice guy. Used to help Shen out. Died three years ago," Eli said.

"How?" Hailie asked.

"The usual way." Eli didn't explain any further. Hailie assumed that meant that he died in a fight.

Her nose caught the scent of something absolutely mouthwatering. She looked around and saw a bakery further up the street. Eli followed her eyes.

"You want something there?" he asked. Hailie nodded and he chuckled. "I didn't know you could eat this much."

She didn't know either, but since that morning it felt as if no amount of food could fill her stomach. Celeste said that was part of the withdrawal, though it was one she'd never felt before. Hailie was still cold so she was wearing one of the jackets zipped up to her neck, and Celeste had wrapped her shoulder differently this time (around her shoulder then chest in a figure eight) so that she wouldn't attract attention. The cloth poked through the collar of her shirt, but it wasn't very noticeable. She'd also been given back her knife and something to help with the coughing, so it wasn't as bad anymore. The thought of a warm cheesy crescent, something she hadn't had in years, made her walk faster.

"Hailie!" Eli shouted. "Slow down."

There were many people, and not for the first time, Hailie was glad for her height and Eli's height, since it was much easier to spot him in the crowd than Benji had been. He knew where she was going.



That voice. She hadn't heard it in five years, and yet the effect it had was the same. She froze in her spot, then turned around. A man materialized from the crowd. Definitely someone of high rank judging by his clothes, and the soldiers trailing behind him. He had a sword hanging from his hip, but unlike Eli's, his sword was just decoration.

He was in his mid-twenties, older than Eli, yet there was a bit of immaturity in his features. His face broke into a smile and he crushed her into a hug.

"It is you!" he said. "I thought you were dead. Uncle Lance said you were dead."

"Terrance," she choked out.

He held her out at arm's length. "What happened?" He reached out and tugged on the hair that fell over her forehead. "What happened to your hair? And this scar?" He touched the scar over her eyebrow.


He held up her hands so he could see it. "What happened to your hands?" He sighed. "You were always so careless. How could you let yourself get like this?"

"Hailie, are you going to introduce us?" Eli asked, coming up behind her.

"Lord Trent," Terrance said. He took a step back and gave him a slight bow. Whoever Eli was, he had a higher title than even Terrance, and Terrance owned plenty land and essentially ran this island and the surrounding islands. As far as she knew though, he spent most of his time on Mango Island and rarely ever came to this one (she couldn't remember the name since she hadn't thought it was important).

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