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They dropped like a stone in the night, plummeting back to earth.

Tumbling end over end, Jack felt Ethan's arms and legs twisting about him and he realized that Ethan - mortal, human Ethan, was trying to turn them so that when they hit the ground, he would bear the brunt of the impact.

"You dumb-ass," he muttered through clenched teeth. "You can't break my fall."

His shoulder blades burned, with sudden dark fire, and Jack's cry of triumph ripped through the sky.

"Not when I can fly!"

The ground beneath them, mere inches away, blazed with sudden purple fire as Jack's wings unfurled, delicate as a gossamer, yet strong enough too catch at the air and sweep him and Ethan back up into the sky.

Jack kissed him quickly before he had time to say anything. He felt Ethan's arms tighten around him as they spiraled up, borne aloft on wings that were dark as night, but bright as a new star.

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