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Among other things, Australia was known for its scorching hot summers and Warlington was no different. Temperatures sometimes reached blazing hot, enough to spontaneously spark wildfires. During moments like that you'd find shop windows and doors wide open. Houses were no different.

The community lived in harmony so it really was no surprise to find house doors open with no one in sight. On 14 Kangaroo Street Warlington, the front door was open, but there was no one in sight.

The occupants were on the other side of the house, trying to cool themselves off while enjoying each other's company.

"I'm so going to get you for that!" 17 year old Charlie Roberts screeched, running after his childhood best friend.

Patrick wasn't just a teenager blessed with a good body. He was a star athlete, a blessing on the Thomas McDermott high school field hockey team. He didn't do much running on the field, but he was an exceptional runner. It was something Charlie knew, but he still attempted to catch him and exert his revenge.

The yard wasn't too big to allow him freedom to run distances and the presence of an inflatable pool with a 10 year old girl in it meant it became even smaller, so Patrick did the other thing he could do better than most, he tricked Charlie into making useless attempts at catching him. It was what made him a good hockey player. He could make opponents go on wild goose chases and trip over their own feet.

"Oopsie, went the other way", he taunted.

Charlie was tired but he had enough energy to say, "I'll get you one day". He went on to wipe his sweating brow with his soaked t-shirt.

"Boys! What's going on?" Lisa Roberts asked as she appeared from the house into the yard through the glass sliding door.

"Koala fell into the pool," Patrick said, leaving out the part where he'd immersed Charlie into the pool.

"You better take off that t-shirt before you get it soaked in dirt," Charlie's mom said. "Ri honey, I'm going to the Horton's, want to come?"

"Yes," Ariel said excitedly and got out of the water.

"I'll be leaving soon, stop wasting water!" Charlie's mom said.

It was rather funny because a few seconds before she finished her sentence, Charlie threw the bucket of water he'd been holding at Patrick, catching him off guard. As the water trailed to the ground, Ariel laughed uncontrollably.

"Charlie!" his mom warned.

Charlie shrugged. "He started it."

"God you two will never grow up," Charlie's mom said. "Come Ri, you need to get out of your bathing suit."

A few minutes later Patrick and Charlie were in Charlie's room, having called it a truce on the water fight. They were both wet, their t-shirts completely soaked. Their pants were wet in spots.

"So, when are you going to kiss her?"Patrick asked his friend as he took off his t-shirt and laid it on Charlie's chair.

"Whoa. I didn't say I was going to kiss her!"Charlie said, turning a little crimson.

"At this rate you'll never kiss anyone," Patrick said.

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