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Matt POV

They had to come and ruin it. Yeah, my fifteen years of glorious solitude, but my nine hours of pure alone time with Belle.

Cheyenne and Parker stood there staring at me and smiling slightly. They were going to force me to go back. They were going to tell Belle what I did. What I’d been running from for all these years.

Belle’s brown eyes were wide with fear as she yelled for her parents and the pack. She was still lying between my legs. If I could put my body between her and Cheyenne and Parker then I would, I had no doubt that to get to me they would go through her without a second thought. I didn’t care if she called for her pack and they kicked me out, I didn’t care if Belle hated me after she found out, as long as she was alive, it would be fine.

I heard the thoughts of the pack roughly as they streaked through the forest on their way here.

Cheyenne’s my sister and Parker’s my brother – they belonged to my old pack in Oklahoma, the pack I escaped from.

All I could think about was keeping Belle safe. I nudged her with my nose hard to make her move away but the stubborn girl wouldn’t budge.

I thought you would’ve learned by now that you can’t make me do anything, she sniggered through her mind.

This was not the time to be making fun of me so I did the one thing I could think of. I barred my jaws and bit her hard on the ass to make her move and she jumped up.

My wolf was readily verbally abusing me for hurting her as she ran away with blood marks on her rear. Part of me wanted to run after her but the other wanted me to face my past.

I shifted back and pulled on some spare pants and followed my brother and sister across the border. Cheyenne and Parker looked smug as if they had won a prize, I had no doubt there was a probable bounty on my head back in Jumper Pack territory. I thought the name was appropriate, they always jumped unsuspecting people. Especially me.

As I was walking with my siblings they began to talk.

“She seems pretty small for a wolf, not much in the sack, eh, little bro?” Parker winked and a growl ripped through my chest and threatened him. How dare he speak about my mate like that? Wow, I never realised how defensive I was. “Whoa,” he put his hands up in front of his chest defensively. “I should’ve known not to tick off this guy, right Cheyenne.” Parker sniggered and my obnoxious sister joined in.