15- The Voice and The Bull

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Percy's PoV:

I woke up when I heard a loud boom and a crack and I was thrown off the bed. It was like a very powerful but invisible force hit me. I stood up even if I felt dizzy and ran outside. Then I heard a loud metallic roar which made my hair stand on end so I hurried to where it came from. I froze on my place when I saw a metal bull at the entrance of camp. I looked around and saw that a crowd of demigods were also there frozen in place. I looked back at the bull and saw that it was hesitant to step in but just then it took a small step forward. Then it looked at us with its menacing red laser eyes and charged. Everyone unfroze and ran in all directions, screaming like little girls. Just then, a hand grabbed my shoulder and pulled me back.

"Percy! What are you doing there instead of roasting that beef sack?!" Artemis screamed in my ear.

"Roasting? Beef sack? Are you hungry? And by the way, that beef sack is a metal maniac." Artemis reddened with anger and annoyance at my comment.

"Hey beef sack!" The bull looked in our direction. "Why don't you have this jerk for your breakfast?!" Then she pushed me with all her strength and guess what, I had a free hug with the beef sack.

"Hey buddy... Hehe..." I slowly separated from the hug. "Uhm... I don't taste very good so eating me would be a waste..." I smiled nervously. "Instead why don't you eat this ball of dirt?" At the word 'dirt', I punched the bull with my fist of earth, sending it flying. I faced Artemis and smirked. "Isn't it your turn now?" She just glared at me and sent a golden arrow that sent sparks flying at the bull. The arrow just bounced off its metal skin and exploded in the air like a miniature firework. I frowned. "Was that supposed to happen?" I asked Artemis. She shook her head.

"Looks like that bull is a Colchis Bull. Their metal skin is like armor. Any attempts to hurt it on the outside would go in vain."

"So we have to get it in the inside? No problem." I uncapped Riptide. "You distract it. Thanks." I smiled at her and ran after the bull.

The bull had landed in front of the Big House and some demigods were trying to fight it. I thought about how I was going to get into trouble if I end up destroying the Big House so I lept into action right away. I saw Clarisse, an Ares girl that I didn't like much, who was face to face with the bull and cussing like a sailor and I yelled at her.

"Clarisse! Distract the bull instead of dissing it!" She looked at me and gave me a death glare which I was very used to getting from everyone especially from my favorite goddess. Note the sarcasm. Since she got distracted, the bull hit Clarisse hard with its metal horns and sent her flying over its head but miraculously she managed to grab its horn and got on its back. The bull started rocking like a maniac, trying to get Clarisse off its back.

"Gods. Are we in Spain now?" Then I felt a smack on the back of my head.

"Stop talking idiot and do your job!" Artemis shouted at me and sent a dozen arrows flying at the bull.

"Yes ma'am." I said with annoyance. Then, I got an idea. I took out my red handkerchief which I didn't know I had and waved it while running to the bull to get its attention, Spanish style. It stopped trying to get Clarisse off its back and roared at me, giving me the opportunity I needed but then a very powerful invisible force knocked me hard to the side, sending me to the wall. I felt a searing pain in my chest and my left arm felt like it was broken. Ichor fell from my forehead, making it hard to see. I managed to get up even though I was dizzy and I looked around. Everyone was frozen midway in their actions and it looked like time had stopped. Green mist was also everywhere and it felt like there was a presence. Then suddenly a deep and ancient voice spoke.

"Perseus Jackson..." The voice seemed to be coming from every direction. "Brother..." My eyes widened and I looked around.

"Who are you?" I asked fiercely. Then came a very crooked laugh which chilled me to the bones.

"Who else, brother? It's me, the rightful lord of the universe."

"Stop calling me brother!" I shouted. I was starting to freak out a little. "What do you want?!"

"Just your cooperation, Perseus. Mother would be glad if you helped me, you know."

"Mother?" My voice quivered. I could not believe what the voice was saying. I did not have any parents. But, a little hope came into me...

"Of course, brother. So will you help me?" The voice asked. I knitted my eyebrows and stepped back while holding Riptide in front of me.

"Why should I help you?! I don't even know you! By the look of it, I don't think I should help you!" The voice again laughed crookedly.

"Seems like I have to ask you another time. Think of my offer brother." The voice faded away and the mist also started to clear out.

Just when all the mist cleared out, everyone unfroze. Eveyone stopped again when they saw me but the bull roared and charged at me. I just held Riptide since I had no more strength to run and focused. When the bull got close, it roared and with all my remaining strength, I threw Riptide and it went inside the bull's mouth. It stopped and Clarisse took that opportunity to jump off its back. Then it started shaking and with a loud boom it exploded into pieces. Its gears and parts flew in every direction and I was almost going to get hit by a huge chunk of metal when with a blur of silver it was knocked out of the way. My eyesight started dimming and I collapsed on my knees. My injuries were starting to heal but the strange voice kept echoing inside my head and getting my strength. Then someone grabbed my shoulders and knelt down in front of me.

"Perseus!" The person shook me. The voice sounded familiar but my brain did not work. Instead, I started to black out...

Word Count: 1107 (excluding A/N)
Date Published: December 25, 2016
A/N: Hi guys! It has been a long time since I updated and I'm very sorry for that. I wasn't able to update last November cause I was busy and I was planning on updating last December 10 cause it was my birthday but I had a huge writer's block and I was busy. I'm so sorry so here is a new chapter as a Christmas gift hehe. Please vote and comment and I would like to thank you all for the 2K reads. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas!

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