chapter three >>>>>

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Jazzil's p.o.v

i woke up on the floor and i was bloody . i tried to get up but i fell right back to the ground . i crawled my way up the stairs and went to my room . i looked at my alarm clock and it was 5:30 a.m . my mom already left for work so I'm all alone . i slowly got up and pain took over my body and i fell once more . i crawled to my bathroom and ran a bath . after it was how i wanted it i stripped and got in . i hissed st the pain but it soon faded , i didn't bother look at my cuts that she left behind . they would just make me want to kill myself faster .after my bath i got out and i placed a towel around my body . i looked at the mirror and stared at the girl in it .....this isn't me , I'm not supposed to be this way , i should be my mommy's princess ....not her slave . i walked out my bathroom as the tears fell . i hate my life .....i hate living on a whole .

AT SCHOOL _________________________

Luke's p.o.v

i was chillin' with my boys i haven't seen Adriana this morning which is very weird usually she would be here to greet me with a morning kiss . speaking of my hoe her and her friends bitchy i mean mitchy , hoeisha i mean bonquisha and tramparia i mean Samaria came up to us .

me: where have you been ?

Adriana: i had some unfinished business i had to take care of * smirks*

all of her friends giggled while me and my boys where more confused than a three year old with a jigsaw puzzle.......i know she did something and i can't wait to find out what she did .

Jazzil's p.o.v

i pulled up in my Bugatti that i saved up money for since i was 6 years old to get . it's black and so amazing ....when i got out everyone looked surprised .i walked in but when i did i heard snickering and whispers and everyone was looking at me and pointing . i shrugged it off and walked to my locker when i did .


was in big bold black letters on my white locker. i turned around and i saw the girl with the stinky breathe walking towards me with 3 more girls .

girl: you like my present?

me: you did this ?* points to locker*

girl: yup you see ? everyone thinks your a freak .*smirks*

me:*giggles* yes yes i do ...

i started laughing at her i was getting pissed. I looked at her as if she was stupid . i took a deep breathe then i punched the locker and it got a dent .

girl:*laughs* is that supposed to scare me ?

i could see in her eyes she was very scared . i smirked and looked at her as a circle of people formed around us .....I'm about to beat her ass and I'll love it

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