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Acc; 707_Raphosikie

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Acc; 707_Raphosikie

Book cover by; namjoonie_nie

Ideas by; red_rabbit18 , namjoonie_nie

editor; red_rabbit

A Ghost Love Story

Yoo Jeen is a tomboyish 21 years old female. She had lived her life without romance for certain reasons. On one fateful day, she met a group of 7 good looking boys at the cafe she works at. V, Rapmon, Jimin, Suga, Jhope, Jung kook.. but why the other one wasn't being introduced to her? Why wouldn't they talk to him?

Start : 11/11/2016

Finish : -Still Ongoing-

A Romance, Friendship, Drama, Mystery story.

HELLO {a bts malay story ver.}Read this story for FREE!