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A/N so since no one liked the other one, I'm making a new one, so if y'all wanna make fun of this one it. You can also make fun of the other one shots in this book. I don't fucking care, if you don't like them, then don't read them bitch.

I'm sorry if I made anyone offended, that was not what I intended to do...I love everyone who reads this book, even though none of these one shots are good.

I should really stop making a long ass Author's Note...anyways, this one will hopefully be better. Y'all can make fun of my one shots if you want to I don't really give a shit cause my friends will defend me or I'll defend myself.

There will be parts to this cause I'm making it short.

I was jogging down the street when I heard a car crash." What the fuck?" I whispered to myself. I looked behind me," Oh shit!"

I quickly ran back home and banged on the door." Gerald open this damn door right now!" The door opened quickly and there stood a sleepy Gerald.

I ran in and slammed the door closed." What the hell happened y/n/n?" "There-there's some creature things out there!" "What? What kind of creatures?"

"I don't fucking know! They were eating fucking body parts! They didn't seem like normal people to me!" "What the fuck?! There's no such things as people eating body parts!" "Yes there is, it's called a cannibal!"

"I knew that!" "Then why'd you say they don't exist?" "Cause cannibals don't fucking exist!"

I groaned," What the hell are we supposed to do?!" "Pack up, get out of this house, drive to the airport, then move out of this country." He said.

I looked down then nodded," Lets do it."

A/N ha this one shot is about a zombie apocalypse, I don't care about how weird or stupid it is, I'm writing it :P

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