Chapter 2: Welcome Home

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The fact that Deb's phone was ringing from inside the wall even freaked James out, though he'd never admit it. At this point, he was beginning to regret coming to Bache Manor.

"Be careful," Shannon said as Chad lowered his head toward the hole.

"I'm looking in a hole, not going off to war," he teased.

They were on the first floor, directly below the room they'd just been in.

"Who cares if her phone is in there?" Jenn asked, beyond the point of wanting to leave. "Let's get out of here."

"I just want to see," Chad said as he slowly leaned his face into the hole. "It's too dark." He sat back. "Did anyone bring in a flashlight?"

"Here, you can use mine," Shannon said, pulling hers from around her neck.

Shining the light inside the hole, he once again inched his way closer. As his face disappeared into the blackness, James called her phone one last time.

"I see it!" Chad exclaimed. "There's no way I can reach it." He pulled his head out and looked down the wall. "How the hell did her phone get way back there?"

There was a loud noise from inside the wall, causing Chad to jump back, and the phone went silent.

Chad looked up at his team. "What the hell was that?"

"Let's go," Jenn demanded, losing her patience, fear taking over.

"Yeah, let's just go," Shannon reiterated.

Chad shined the light back inside the hole before he got up. "It's gone." He leaned in further. "The phone, it's not there."

"Of course it's not there," a strange voice said calmly from behind them, causing all four of them to jump and turn around. "You're lucky to still be here, yourself," the stranger informed Chad. "Not many invade their space and make it out alive." He slowly glared at each of them. "What are you doing in my home?"

"Your home?" James asked, not fully understanding. "Are you... Mr. Bache?"

"Yes, I am. And who the hell are you?" He lifted his shotgun at him, which they hadn't even noticed until that moment, since they'd been shocked by his mere presence.

Jenn and Shannon gasped as James raised his hands in the air. "Wait a minute. We were asked to come here."

Mr. Bache tilted his head to the side in amusement. "That's funny, since this is my home and I don't recall inviting anyone here."

Chad stood up, causing Mr. Bache to point his gun at him. "Hold up," he said, raising his hands in the air. "We are paranormal investigators who were invited here by Deb and Traci."

"They said you disappeared," James added. "They wanted us to investigate your manor so they could clean it out."

Surprisingly, Mr. Bache lowered his gun. "Deb and Traci who?" he asked. "And why would they be here, cleaning out my home?"

"They said it had been turned over to the bank. They were supposed to clear it out," James explained, "but they heard stuff and were too afraid to be here."

"Of course they heard things," Mr. Bache said. "It's not paranormal, though." He glanced at the hole in the wall, raising his gun back up. "This is my home and all of you are trespassing. Where are the others? The two women you mentioned?"

"We don't know," Chad replied. "They disappeared. That's why we were about to leave."

"Disappeared?" Mr. Bache scowled at Chad. "Of course they did."

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