"She changed you?" I asked, "How could my grandma do that?" I was starting to believe that this was way more than a simple illusion like I thought. Just like how that old green book was far more than it had seemed as well. I was starting to think that this scenario was far too complex for my terrified mind to ever conjure up.

Peter, or as he preferred, Pan, wearily shook his head. "That's a story for another day." He said simply. He turned from me and made his way over to Finley, effectively ending our conversation.

But if he thought it was the end of my questions, then he was sorely mistaken. This conversation was far from over. I would get my answers whether he liked it or not.

I took his lead and headed towards a very silent Josh.

The red haired boy was stuffed into the alcove that housed the rough hewn stairs. He sat upon a step, his knees bent and his arms slung over top of them casually.

Another dark-haired boy sat silently at Josh's side, an ever watchful phantom as his charcoal colored eyes stared out at the other children who joked around with one another merrily. I recognized the younger boy as Tobias or Toby.

I joined them on the steps, quietly enjoying their silent company.

But a question was brewing in my mind, a question I really wanted an answer too.

I nudged Josh lightly with my shoulder. The boy turned to me, his gray eyes inquisitive.

"I thought the Lost Boys had different names. And isn't there a set of twins?" My voice was soft, curious, and full of confusion. Grandma's book had boasted of twins. That was something I couldn't miss. 

Josh's eyes darkened into twin unfathomably bleak storm clouds. He leaned towards me and lowered his voice until only I could possibly hear the low syllables. "There are some things about Neverland that are better left unsaid."

And then he was silent again, once more staring after the other boys.

I followed his cue and didn't ask again for fear of upsetting him.


We sat that way for quite some time, each of us lost in our own little worlds, each unwilling to leave the safety of our minds.

But Pan had broken that quiet solitude and sense of safety. He announced to the group that we would be going outside to gather supplies. From where I still didn't know. I wasn't even sure if I was allowed to go on this little trip.

We had climbed the steps, all of us falling back into a hushed state as our feet trudged up the carved stairs.

Pan emerged ahead of us, his hands sliding open a trap door hidden seamlessly into the bark of a random tree. He stopped after a few short steps. His blue eyes darted between trees and over bushes, seeking out any hidden enemies.

The boys in front of me halted as they watched their leader sniff out any threats.

When none was to be found, Pan motioned for us to follow him. Then he disappeared off into the noisy Never forest with only seven of the boys chasing after him.

The silent Toby had vowed to stay behind to hold down the fort and to take care of my still comatose brother.

I released a small sigh of breath. At least Danny would be out of harm's way on this fool's errand.

And that's exactly what it was. A fool's errand.

Just exactly where would we find supplies on an island like this? There couldn't possibly be any villages nearby. With the condition the boys were in and the size of this island, I was surprised that even they could survive here.

But they seemed to think that there were supplies hidden somewhere.

We dodged over creeks and rivers and dove under bushes and branches. All the way at least one of the boys had to be complaining about something.

"Why can't we fly, Peter?"

"Owe! Ben hit me!"

"Zac's being mean!"

"Peter, there's a rock in my shoe!"

Their grumbling was insistent.

It was enough to drive a person mad. By the time the seventh had spat out a complaint, I was ready to beat all of them over the head with a very large rock, and then leave them in the woods for their so called supplies to find them.

Couldn't they stop complaining for one tiny second?

With their constant grumbles and groans, they utterly foiled my plan that I had been cleverly trying to think up. I needed a way to help my brother! I had also wanted to remember everything I could about Grandma's green book, but with the constant noise, I was finding it extremely difficult to just think normally.

I was too busy concentrating on my childhood memories and just plain focusing that I almost didn't hear the loud shrill echoing that blasted my eardrums and finally drowned out the boys' noisy groans.

I braced my hands over my ears as the sound came to a thundering close. My ears rang for a full minute afterward.

The noise was so unlike Pan's graceful whistle that it had tears building up in my eyes, many of which spilled over and down my cheeks.

And then, the world fell apart around us and erupted into chaos.

And that was when my mind conveniently decided to remember one key factor to Neverland, one that could very well get me killed.

The pirates.

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