Ready or not here I come

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"That was a day!" I smile petting Spiral. I landed about five minutes ago in a tree top. The view is spectacular I can see all of the island. "What now?" Spiral lays down and tilts his head. I know the move all to well. It's what I use to do to my mom whenever I wanted her to sing me a lullaby. "You're joking right?" He shakes his head. "Fine but no sparking up. We are in a tree." I think about all the songs I used to sing whenever I had the chance. Let's just say it's been a while. "Have you heard the song If I Die Young. By The Band Perry?" His head pops up and almost does a grin sort of thing. "Ok then I guess that's what I'll sing." Spiral cuddles next to me and puts his head on my lap. "If I die young bury me in satin, lay me down on a bed of roses, sink me in river at dawn, send me away with the words of a love song." I look over at Spiral who is fast asleep.

"Oh please don't stop," a voice echoes. "You have such a nice voice." I jump up and see mystery boy standing above me.
"Who are you?!" I snap. I pick up Spiral and back away from him.
"My name's Peter Pan," he grins like a beast. "Maybe you've heard of me?"
"I'm serious! Who are you?" I'm getting really annoyed.
"I'm Peter Pan, and you're Wendy Darling." He replies.
"How do you know who I am?" I back away even further.
"Because you my Love are the truest believer." Peter takes a step towards us.
"I'm not the truest believer number one. Number two stay back!" I order.

He smiles. All of a sudden he starts floating. "Why would I do that Love?"
"Stop calling me that!" I say starting to walk away with more speed.
"Never Love!" He smirks. He floats over to me and takes hold of my arm.
"Let go!" I scream. Spiral wakes up and jumps out of my arms.

Peter flys higher and pulls me up with him. "Ah!" I scream again kicking my legs.
"Relax Love I'm not gonna drop you. Unless you struggle to much!" He reassures me.
"Put me down!" I squeeze my eyes closed hoping this is a dream.
"As you wish." He sighs and lets me go.
"Ahh!" I yell falling. As I fall I dropped the little pint of the pixie dust.

I open my eye a tiny bit and see that I'm no longer falling. "Gotcha Love!" I look up to see that I'm in Peter's arms.
"What the hell were you thinking?" I scold him.
"You said to put you down." He says innocently.
"Yea! Like place me on the ground!" I catch my breath.
"Whoops!" He laughs.
"Whoops? Whoops! " I mock him. "I could have died!"
"Yes and that would have made this easier!" He snaps.

I tuck myself into a sorta ball. "Make what easier?"
"You see Love," he starts. He stops flying but we are floating above a deep cliff where if he let's go I would fall to certain death. "I need your heart." He takes his pointer finger and traces my heart. "I need it so I can become the most powerful self I can be." He stops tracing and brushes my cheek. "That's why you are here Love."

"You're gonna kill me!" I stutter. I know I sound scared but I don't care.
"Now now Love," he's still brushing my cheek. "Don't say kill or murder. Think of it as a donation."
"Without my heart I'm gonna die!" I shout.
"I know, and I'm sorry about that Love." He frowns. "But its for the greater good."
"Why my heart?" I ask.
"Because you're the truest believer." He stops brushing my cheek.
"But I don't believe." I confess.
"You will." And with that he starts flying again.

"Now," Peter brought me back to the camp sight I started at. He's still holding me in his arms so I don't run away again. "This is Conner, Kai, Dan, Nico, Gabe, Robbie, and Brad." He points over to the seven boys standing in a line. "Of course you already know Conner and Gabe." Gabe is the one who I meet after Peter first brought me to the island. And Conner is the traitor! All of the boys are either holding a axe, bow and arrow, knife, or a sword. And Peter is holding me.

"Peter why don't we play hide and seek?" Conner suggests.
"What a terrific idea!" Peter places me down next to the boys. "How about we seek and Love," he kneels down to me. "You hide."
"Why would I ever play a childish game with you!" I scoff.
"Because we're not going to be seeking you Love," he smirks and takes hold or my chin. Kai hands him a knife. "We're gonna be hunting you!"

My eyes fills with horror as Peter presses the flat side of the knife against my chin. "Now," he stands up and lines up with the other boys. "Run!"

All I can do is run so I obey. I run as far as I can jumping and ducking through the trees. I don't dare look over my shoulder I just pray they're not there. "Let's go Lost Boy!" I hear Peter shout. He's close enough for me to hear him. "Ready or not here I come!" I hear the laughs of him and the Lost Boys gaining on me. I run faster and change directions.

After a while or going without looking back I turn my head around to check behind me but I keep running. When I turn my head back again I trip over a tree root. "No no no no!" I whisper scream. My legs is bleeding hard and the dirt and leaves around me start to get the blood on them. As I stand up my ankle hurts enough for me to inference that its sprained. I break through the pain and continue to hobble in through the forest. I feel my leg getting weaker by each step I take so I stop. I look around for a place to hide and see a tree with a small opening enough for me to slide through. I know it might be an obvious spot for them to find me but I need to rest.

I jog over and squeeze through the bark. It's pretty dark but I can see. I rest my head again the inside of the tree and take out my pocket knife and air soft gun. I listen and start hearing the laughter of the boys again. My heart races at full speed and I hold my breath.

"Halt!" Peter commands the others. My heart beats even faster. "Blood!" They're at the tree root.
"Looks like she might be hurt Peter." I'm guessing it was either Robbie, Dan, Nico, or Brad because I can't make out the voice.
"Robbie?" I hear Conner say. "If there is blood and a root I think it's safe to say she's hurt!"
"Enough!" Peter shouts. "She probably tripped over the root. We're looking at a sprained ankle and a leg the lost a lot of blood. She couldn't have gotten far. Follow the blood!"

I start feeling light headed. Probably because of the blood lose. My ankle throbs and my leg is really bloody. My eyes start falling. I try to keep them open because if they shut there is a chance I might not wake up. I slip my gun and knife back into their places and hope they aren't outside.


I look up and see Spiral curled up into a ball on the other side of the tree. I reach over and tap him on the head. He looks up and runs out of the tree. I really hope they weren't there because they would know something wasn't right. I sigh and put my hand up to my head and try to ease the pain. I decide to close my eyes only for a minute. But I get really dizzy so I open them. I feel kinda sick and notice a small puddle of blood by my leg.

"Over here boys!" Peter shouts. They have to be really close by now. My eyes start dropping but I try to force them open. "No more blood to follow." I hear footsteps outside the tree. My eyes are almost three quarters the way down. "Hello Love!" Peter pocks his head in to opening. I look at him for a brief moment before I pass out from the blood lose.

"Is she going to wake up?" I hear Robbie ask.
"In time," Peter explains. "She lost a lot of blood and she has a sprained ankle."
"Can she hear us?" A new voice asks.
"I don't know Dan ask her?!" Peter screams.
"Why don't we get her heart now?" Another voice asks.
"Because Nico that's not right." Peter says calmly. I feel his hand on mine. "Love it's time to wake up." He takes his hand and pulls me up onto his lap.

My eyes start to flutter open. "Look!" Someone shouts.
"Could you possibly be any louder Brad!" Peter hisses.
"Hm."I grown.
"Hey it's ok." Peter hushes.
I open my eyes all the way and look up to see everyone standing around me and Peter. "Where am I?"
"The campsite, Peter carried you here after he found you in the tree." Kai explains.

I try to move off of Peter but he pulls me back. "Sorry Love but I don't think that's a good idea."
"I'm fine," I try to move again but Peter grabs my ankle. "Ow!"
"I told you Love that's not a good idea." He says.
"Would you let go!" I holler in pain.
"Do you promise not to try to leave?" Is he seriously trying to negotiate right now?
"I'll do what I want!" I snap trying to hold back another squeal of pain.
"I will let go of your ankle but you are not to leave." He carefully takes his hand of my my ankle and places it back on my hand.

I slide my hand away from his. Before I even have a chance to try to escape he pulls me into a tight embrace. "Hey!" I say kicking him. I stop quickly because I feel sick.
"Easy Love," Peter orders. He lays my head gently against his chest. "Don't be hasty. You'll hurt yourself."
"Why do you care?" I question him weakly.
"Shh quiet now!" He hushes. "Don't worry your pretty little mind to much."
"But-" I get cut off by his finger in front of my lips.
"I said quiet!" He reminds me.

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