Chapter 12

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Sky's Pov

It was dark now. SB still wasn't back and I'm not sure where Echo was. I could sense something though. It was weird. It could only be one person. "Show yourself." I demanded.

"What are you talking about?" Jason asked.

"He's talking about me." Derp dropped out of a ceiling vent. "I heard you needed an assassin."

"My name is Sky." I said. "I already know who Derp is but who's his host?"

"I'm Ssundee." He said. "I heard about you little invitation."

"And?" I asked.

"I accept." He said.

"Welcome to the team." Seto said. "Where's SB?"

At that moment SB and some other girl walked in. "There's a door for a reason." She said to Ssundee.

"I'm not that popular and I didn't want to attract unwanted attention." Ssundee explained.

"Oh Sky, this is Crystal. The person we've been looking for." SB said.

"H-hello." She stuttered.

"There's no need to be afraid." I said walking over to her. She turned invisible as I approached her.

"She's shy." SB explained.

"My name is Sky." I introduced.

She turned visible. "Adam?"

I hated it when people used my real name. "How-"

"Are you saying you don't remember me?" She asked angrily. What the heck? She was so shy just a second ago. "I mean seriously? I think I would remember someone if they chipped me if I was stone."

When I was in the Aither and Ender came over she often brought friends. One time this dragon girl flew into my arm and chipped part of it. I'm lucky it didn't affect my fighting. This girl had angel wings though, not dragon wings.

"Answer me Skylen!" She yelled.

"But that girl- you don't- WHAT?" I asked.

"I have to hide my hybrid form." She explained.

"So you two have already meet?" Jason asked.

"Somewhat." She replied.

"Can you guys keep it down?" Ty asked from the other room. "I'm trying to sleep."

"So who else is here?" Crystal asked.

"We have me, Jason, Ty, Sky, Ssundee and Derp, Jerome, Mitch, and Huskey." Seto said.

"His name is Adam not Sky." She muttered.

"It's a nickname." I said. "Now that we have everyone tomorrow me, Seto, and Ssundee will start training."

"How come you guys get to train us?" Ty asked. "Shouldn't you train too?"

"Sky if you don't mind Derp would like to train Ty tomorrow." Ssundee said.

"We'll decide that tomorrow. For now get some rest." I said. I waked to my bed and went to sleep.

I was in a pitch black room. There was someone one the other side. "Thank you. I really appreciate it."

"I try my best but if someone is really annoying I will snap at them." He replied. "Will I get to help train them tomorrow?"


Ty's Pov

"Wake up everyone!" It was Sky.

"What time is it?" I asked sleepily.

" About 6." He replied. "Now get up."

"I'm at least sleeping till 7." I said.

"Heh, I was hoping you would disagree." His voice got darker.

"Sky you better not be doing what I think you are." Seto whispered under his breath. He was standing by Sky.

"Listen up you annoying brats, I'm not the sweet Sky you know. I'm the complete opposite infact. Unless you get up right now and get ready then I will make your day hell."

"I'm up." Jason said. Everyone but me got up.

"Tyler get up." Sky commanded.

"No." I said. I felt a sharp object sink into my back. I jolted up to see a shirikin in my back. Ssundee was grinning evilly. "Fine I'm up." I pulled the shirikin out of my back and tossed it at Ssundee. He caught it and I got out of bed.

"So you're not Sky's sweet side then what should we call you?" Jason asked.

"I'm Skybrine. Now Ty and Mitch will go with Derp. Derp don't kill them. Huskey and Jerome will go with Seto. SB, Crystal, and Jason are with me." He said. "Derp teach them speed and wall climbing, Seto teach them healing and weapons, and I will teach these guys fighting techniques and a little pvp."

"How do you know what pvp is? Sky didn't even know what pizza is." Mitch said.

"Sky is an idiot." He said. "I keep up with the times. Now let's get to training."

--2 Hours Later--

"How long have we been training?" I asked panting.

"About two hours." Ssundee answered.

"This is impossible." I said. "You can't run up a tree."

Ssundee darted toward a tree, dagger in hand. He ran up it and stuck the dagger at the top of the tree before backflipping off of it and landing perfectly. "You were saying."

"It's just because you don't care about your body because it's not yours." I said.

"I care about Ian." He said. "If anything happens to him I have to go to another host."

"Can we take a break?" Mitch asked.

"You can since you're almost there. Ty on the other hand has to reach your level." Ssundee said.

"Fine." I gripped my dagger and looked at the tree. In a burst of energy I rushed toward it. I used my wings to get me a good start. I was starting to slip about half way up. I had to increase my speed. I tried increased my speed and reached Mitch's level and flew down. "Now can I take a break?"

I heard him mutter something under his breath. "Sure. Let's go over and see what Skybrine is doing."

We walked over to Skybrine's group to see SB listening to music. I could hear it. It was some rock song. Skybrine and Crystal were doing a little pvp and Jason seemed to be taking a nap.

"I thought you were training." I said crossing my arms.

"We took a break." SB said. "Skybrine wanted to work a little more with Crystal though."

"So you listen to rock?" I asked.

"What?" She was pretending not to hear me.

"Derp how did they do?" Skybrine asked.

"Mitch got it in the first few tries. Ty on the other hand made it once he had a little motivation." Derp said.

"Figured." Skybrine muttered. "Ty go check and see how Seto and his group are doing."


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