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Disclaimer: I do not own anything from The Hunger Games trilogy all rights go to Suzanne Collins. I do however own Quinn and her story.

Quinn hadn't realised just how hungry she was until she bit into her portion of the fish that Finnick had caught. After barely inhaling it, she sat with her head back. It was quiet. Too quiet. Her senses flew into overdrive as the demons in her head taunted her. She was getting too comfortable. Unconsciously, she gripped her bow until her knuckles whitened and her eyes scanned the surroundings. Subconsciously, she jumped and her free hand darted to her knife as a hand covered hers. As her gaze caught Finnick's, she sighed in relief realising that the danger was simply a torment of her mind. She released her knife and softened the life-threatening grip on her silvery bow without removing her stare from his tanned face and dirty blonde curls. She surveyed him impassively as his brow creased slightly above his nose as his eyes sent her a silent message of concern. His gaze followed her as she rested her mouth on her free fist which was propped up by her knee.

"Get a room." She scoffed as Peeta handed Katniss a pearl, prompting the boy to kick her knee out from under her arm and grin as Finnick chuckled.

The moment of serenity was short lived as a scream ricocheted through the beach. Within a second, Quinn jumped to her feet and grabbed her bow, readying an arrow.

"That's new..." Peeta spoke as the group watched the trees at the opposite end of the beach. An almighty wave crashed through the jungle, bending the trees to their will as a cannon sang through the noise.

The victors watched, mouths gaped in shock as the water seemed to pile behind an invisible wall, remaining in that sector. They looked at each other with frowns of confusion until the Heli-carrier appeared to collect the drowned tribute and the barriers appeared to drop.

"Someone's here." Katniss warned as the water swam up the shoreline, danced with the sand and caressed their feet, stroking their ankles.

Quinn eyes matched the colour of the ocean as she watched the water lap at her feet. Her head snapped up as Finnick nudged her.

"Johanna." He muttered as her eyes followed his gaze. "Johanna!" He hollered, breaking into a jog as the pair made their way over to her.

"Finnick! Quinn!" The victor from 7 grinned as she pulled them both into a hug before nudging the blonde girl. "Should have guessed that Golden Boy would follow you like a puppy!"

A coy smile pushed its way through Quinn's smirk as she looked up at Finnick who wore his famous grin. "What happened to you?" The girl asked Johanna as she cleared her throat and looked the other victor up and down with a raised eyebrow.

"I thought the jungle would be the safest, once I got them out." She spoke, tilting her head in the direction of Beetee and Wiress. "That's when the rain started, I thought it was water but it turned out to be blood. Hot thick blood! It was choking us and we were stumbling around gagging on it blind." Quinn noticed the other woman's expression change to one of sorrow. "That's when Blight hit the force field...he wasn't much but he was from home."

"I'm sorry."

"No you're not." Johanna smirked as she nudged the victor from 5. "Unless The Ice Queen is melting on me?"

Eventually, the incessant 'tick tock' spilling from Wiress began to play on every last nerve that the Larkin girl possessed. As she sighed through her nostrils and tensed her jaw, the young woman spun round to face the female victor from 3. By the twenty-fifth tick tock, Quinn's temper flared.

"Can someone shut her up?"

"Play nice." Finnick whispered into her ear as he stood behind her. Quinn rolled her eyes with a scowl before elbowing him in the stomach, however he had expected it and tensed his abs, chuckling in victory.