Third Person's POV

You didn’t leave the area yet. You were driving around the block, wondering who you could go to.

I don’t want to go to any of the boys because they’ll question me and I don’t want to be questioned right now. I don’t want to go to my parent’s house because my dad’s gonna have a huge fit if he finds out. Ugh! This is so hard!!

You’re having a serious mind battle on where you should go, when the perfect person pops in your head. You take off and drive really fast to her house. When you get there, you quickly park your car, grab your suitcase, and rush to the door. Forgetting its 11pm, you bang loudly at her door waiting for her to come and open it. “Y/N? What are you doing here at 11 o’clock at night?” she asked tiredly. She looks down at your suitcase and it clicks in her head. “Oh,” she whispers. “Well come on in.” You enter her house; cozy and nice as you remembered. “Do you want to talk about it?” she asks as she hands you a cup of tea. “Not right now. I didn’t realize how late it was. Go back to sleep. We’ll talk in the morning.” “Are you sure?” “Yeah, I’m pretty beat myself,” you give her a warm smile and the both of you retreat to your beds.

~In the morning~

Louis hasn’t been able to sleep all night. You’re constantly on his mind. He regretted that he’d ever cheated on you. The truth is, him and the boys went out one night and Briana, the girl who you caught him making out with, was being really friendly with all of them and he kind of developed some feelings for her. They exchanged numbers and kept in contact. It wasn’t anything serious, just talking. Until one day they kissed, well more like made out. He realized what he did and left immediately.
But the next day when he went to the club to get him mind off it, he saw her. She spiked his drink and asked him to play a game of shots. Knowing Louis as well as we do, we know he could never say no to a little competition. So he went ahead and played the game. Little did he know, she spiked all his drinks. After the game, Briana took him to her house. She was planning to have sex with him, but she decided against it, knowing that when he woke up he would’ve been mad. After that, Louis couldn’t resist her. Well, he could’ve but he wanted to have some ‘fun’.

You woke up in a strange place, but as soon as you sat up, everything came back to you. You sighed. You got up, made the bed and got some clothes to go take a shower. You decided on a comfortable outfit thinking you won’t be doing much today. You went downstairs to see Eleanor sitting on the couch. (AN: Didn't think it was Eleanor did you?) “Morning love. How’d you sleep,” she asked you ask you sat next to her on the couch. “Good. Let’s get it over with, yeah.” She nodded, put down her cup and re-positioned herself on the couch to face you. You copied her actions and sipped on you tea. “So what happened?” You let out a sigh and said, “He cheated.”

During telling El what happened last night, your phone was buzzing numerous times. After you finished, you looked at it and saw it was Louis. You decided to answer his call. You told Eleanor you’d be right back and you walked off into the hallway. “Hello?” “Oh my gosh! Thank god you answered your phone! I was getting-” “Why’d you call me Lou?” Hearing you call him Lou brought a smile to him face knowing that you’re not that mad at him anymore. Knowing what he’s thinking you said, “Don’t get your hopes up sweetheart, I’m still very mad at you.” “Mhmm.” “Lewis, I’m serious!” You know he hates when you call him Lewis so you did it to taunt him. Maybe you weren’t so mad after all.

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