Chapter One: Just Business

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HELLO! Welcome to the official first chapter of my Jax Teller Fanfic! I hope you enjoy it and of course as always i love feedback! Thanks guys

"Jax, its official, Eva just patched over as President." Tigs said as he shut his flip phone, the news not shocking to them, but it wasn't what they wanted to hear.

"Shit, that's not gonna be good for business, especially since we have been in an all-out war with them for decades." Jax said, remembering all the times Clay and his father had discussed their hate for the Renegades. It was a feeling that had been cemented in him since he was little.

"Apparently, her pops wasn't having it, he voted no." Tigs said as he took out a fresh cigarette, handing one to Jax. 

"This is gonna rattle the club, a female president—its unheard of. Especially one that deals in Arms and drugs." Jax said as he held the smoke between his teeth. His mind had been so consumed lately with all the shit going on. With the FBI on his back, and the Irish wanting to pull out of their gun trade, Jax had felt overwhelmed with everything going on. He had broken up with Tara the moment he had returned from Belfast with Abel, his demons crushing her angels making it impossible for them to be a couple.

"We need fucking help Tigs, this club is falling apart. We need to get someone else in on this trade, or the money is gonna be blown away in the wind." Jax said as his mind searched for the answer. Tension was high with all the clubs, including the Renegades, a long-time feud still standing between Clay Morrow and Vince Cortez, Eva's father.

At one time Vince was the vice president of SAMCRO, the right-hand man to Jax's real father John Teller, but a fight over stolen money forced Vince out and thus created a rival MC known as The Renegades. Jax had been taught to always hate the Renegades, including Eva. His hate for her went deep especially since she once took a shot at him, the shot grazing his shoulder.

"Get Eva down here, I want a meeting." Jax said, Tigs choking on the smoke as the words had come as a shock.

"Jax, we can't afford a fucking fight now, the FBI is up our ass ever since Belfast. We have a riot on our hands if those fuckers get here." Tigs said, Opie walking up moments later. Jax knew that if he went to jail, Opie would have to run things, but Opie hadn't been right ever since his wife Donna had been killed.

"He is right man, with those guys here—everyone will flip their shit." He said looking around at all the guys huddled around the Clubhouse. Jax looked around, the same worried expression on all his guys faces as he knew, the shit was going to hit the fan. With Agent Stahl constantly lurking and questioning, there needed to be a solution to it all. 

"Just get them up here—and soon, we are runnin outta time."


Eva sat down at her desk, the clubhouse celebrating her patch over as she sat alone in silence. She held her leather jacket in her hands in her hands, her black hair falling around her arms as she tried to come to terms with the title of President.

"Need a shot?" A familiar and very welcomed voice asked from the door way. Eva smiled and looked up at her long time best friend Luke, two shot of Vodka holding still in his hands. Eva smiled and held out her hand, both clinking the glasses before throwing them down their throats.

"That's my girl, now why are you in here sulking while we got a party out there, girl." Luke asked as he pointed at the door. Eva sighed and propped her boots on the table, her hands resting behind her head as she leaned back in her chair.

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