Into You~ Part 3 {Jackson FF}

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"What are you doing in my room?" he scolded annoyed and confused. "Calm down I just needed somewhere quiet to call a damn taxi," you said annoyed looking down at your phone hoping Jackson would shut up.

"You're drunk. Calling a taxi that way is not the best idea" he suddenly begins to lecture you and all you could do was roll your eyes and ignoring his comment.

The next thing you know, he walks over to you and takes your phone out of your hand. You looked at him annoyed and frustrated.

"Give me my phone!" you barked as you crossed your arms irritated. "No, you aren't calling a taxi, i'll drive you back to your dorm," He says catching you by surprise.

"I'm not letting a drunk person drive me," you said as continued trying to reach over for your phone. "The only drunk person here is you, I don't drink when I'm the driver for the night," he says and you looked at him and debating whether trusting him was a good idea.

"Why are you being nice all of a sudden?" you asked confused.

"What are you trying to say?" he asks looking into your eyes. You looked away trying to avoid eye contact and rolled your eyes.

"You such an asshole to me all the time and now you want to be nice to me. Why?" you asked and he smirks.

"I swear, you wonder why I am rude to you and it's cause you don't let me be nice" he says causing you to laugh, so this guy is blaming it on you.. wow.

"Sorry I don't let you get away with things," you rolled your eyes and he just looked at you annoyed.

"What are you talking about?" he asks and you smiled.

"Look I heard about you before I even met you. You think you can get any girl you want because all they do is throw themselves at you. But not all girls are like that. So the only reason why your an ass to me is because your not able to handle a challenge and your not able to handle someone who doesn't actually fucking like you and someone who doesn't want anything sexual with you," you said crossing your arms and he looked at you without saying a word.

The next thing you know he begins to laugh making you look at him confused as hell. What part of that was funny? You just told him you were interested and he's laughing at you?

"Aw is princess over here a virgin? Is that why you're so stuck up and rejecting me?" Jackson says walking a bit closer to you to leaving a small amount of space between the two of you.

"You have no idea how good I can make you feel." He says and the next thing you know you were pressed against the wall and Jackson had both of his hands pressed against the wall over your head and was right in front of you. You looked at him and laughed.

"You have no idea how pathetic you look throwing yourself at me," you said and he eyes went from darkening to getting lighter....

He pulled away from the wall and looked at you.

"What?" he says and you smiled.

"Aw is someone embarrassed that he threw himself at a girl," you said smirking knowing it was getting him mad. He looks at you and you looked at him. Silence appeared and you know damn well you got Jackson where you wanted him. But then he stops and says something that causes you to loose your words.

"Honestly if that's why you think I was doing, think what you want. But actually I was going to fuck you and leave you. So don't think your so special because your just another toy," Jackson says and he leaves leaving you speechless.


You were going to call a taxi but your roommate stopped you and made Jackson take the two of you home. After that incident with Jackson you didn't say a word to him and he did the same. Now the two of you were going ignore each other and call it a day. You didn't know what else to tell him... You arrived back to the dorms and got comfortable and fell asleep. But before sleeping Jackson's last words kept repeating in your head. Not that you were going to fall for him but he was going to treat you like a toy just like you expected...

Jackson was exactly the type of guy you knew he was.


A day passes after the party and you didn't see Jackson anywhere or heard about him ever since. Things were going to be back to normal you thought to yourself, but you spoke way too soon... You still had to write an essay that was due in three days, and the best place to write your essay was at a coffee shop that was near the school campus. You sat at a empty table taking out your laptop, notebook, and started to get a headstart on your essay.

Just as you were lost in your thoughts you felt someone staring right at you. You stopped writing in your notebook and looked up and looked around the coffee shop. You spotted Jackson and he looked away.

"Okay?" you mumbled confused.

You looked down back at your notebook and was about to write again, but just then after a couple of minutes lost in your thoughts you hear someone clear their throats and it was Jackson....

"What do you want?" you said already annoyed.

"Can we talk?" Jackson says as you looked at him scared on what he has to say...


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