Take a look at the picture. You'll see that it says:




This is the first puzzle piece in the tour schedule. You may want to save this image to connect it with the next puzzle piece. I will release a piece of the puzzle every end of the month, though the last one will simply be blank. I'll explain why as we near the end of this story. The external link is simply the direct link to the image, if you can't see it from your computer.

As for the New Year's Celebration, you'll need to follow me on Twitter (megqueenz) to get that information the day following Christmas. Every day, I will be giving you one question. The best answer will get the next chapter to the story, as well as a personal interview with me and my characters (if they would want). There will be a new person judging each question.

The answers will be judged on the following:




To answer, DM me and don't just reply back. This may cause repeat answers, and it would be harder to judge them. Any answers not DMed to me will not be counted.

Merry Christmas! I'll see you on Twitter.

-Meg Queenz

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