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Readers P.O.V

Okay so first of all i just agreed to going out for the first time with one of my best friends for her birthday. I am kind of scared to be honest because last time she took us all out to a strip club. Yeah... I know, crazy. I had to go. She said that if i didn't go then she wouldn't be my friend. Literally she wouldn't be my friend. I can tell you everything about her, even the things she doesnt know about herself, thats how close we are.

But anyways, she told me to dress up in something that's not too loose but not too tight?

I pull out my dress that i used to go to parties in.

I try it on and its slightly higher than i remember it. It goes just past my knees maybe a bit higher, and i can sort of see a bit of my bra. i even had the matching high heels to go with it. No way this is way too revealing! I say to myself. As I was about to change I got a phone call from my friend saying she's outside my house. I quickly brush my teeth and my already straight hair and put my purse on my shoulder and walk out rolling my eyes.

"awwww c'mon (y/n) its fun to get out every once in a while. Trust me where we are going today is so much fuunnn~" She said and winked. Yeaahhh I got a bad feeling about this. I just wanna go home and watch my Kdramas that i have now missed. I let out a sigh of defeat. "okay okay.." I say giving her a faint smile on my lips.

"That's the spirit!" She says and fist pumps the air as she starts driving again. Honestly, her driving scares me. I swear the guy that was next to her watching her drive was on drugs XD.

*time skip*

We finally Arrive at this place where a lot of boys and girl are stood outside making out in the streets. What is this place and how does she find these place. Are we at a c-club?!

I grip my arm and start to walk inside the building with my friend, but she soon left me for the dance floor.. of course, i have been replaced by a floor.

i find a table at the back and I start to walk through everyone until i reached it. Unfortunately there was a guy sitting there now. "u-um sorry but is it alright if me and my friend could sit here ?" i say nervously. The guy looks up at me, smiles, then nods. 'not gonna lie he was hot' I say to myself as I smile back and sit down waiting for my friend to arrive back from the dance floor.

"so where is your friend? " The guy asks me.

"Oh she just replaced me with the dance floor haha." i joke around, he laughs too as he moves closer.

'oh shit he's moving closer. ABORT! ABORT ! A GUY IS RIGHT NEXT TO ME AND HE'S HOT!' I start to freak out in my head as mu face goes pink, thankfully the room is a bit darker than usual so he couldn't see it. "ohhhhh okay haha i understand, my name is Jimin and yours??." he says in a happy tone holding out his hand. "Cool name! My name's (y/n)! nice to you." I try and say over the loud music as I gladly shake his hand giving of a big smile.

" (Y/N)!!!!! FOUND YOUUUUUU!!" My friend slurs as she stumbles her way round to you and throws her weight on the seat.

" really (bff/n) ??!! YOUR DRUNK ALREADDYYY!!" I shout lightly hitting her arm as Jimin laughs at me.

" I'm gonna guess that this is your first time going out to a club then. " He laughs to himself.

haha yeah,  I intend to stay indoors but its this drunk persons birthday so I got dragged along." I point at her whilst explaining to him. He nods along as he starts laughing. 'GOD HE LAUGHS LIKE  AN ANGEL!!!.'

"C'MON (Y/N) LETS DAANNCCEEE." (bff/n) says as she pulls me to the dance floor. I wave bye to Jimin as he smirks and waves back. We soon start dancing on the dance floor. "well I better start having start fun then coz, YOLO!! RIGHT?" i say to her "YAAAAYYYYY WOOOOOO" My friend screams. I start walking over to the bar as I order a few shots. They don't Half burn the back of your throat. My vision starts going blurry and I feel light headed as i start moving to the dance floor again. (someone's a bit drunk :P ) after half an hour of dancing on the dance floor me and my friend then see the dancing poles as we start walking up to them and start pole dancing as everyone cheers us on.

Jimins P.O.V

I was about to leave until I hear everyone on the dance floor scream louder and louder. I look to where they where looking and i see the girl from before with her friend POLE DANCING??!?!?! I don't know what got over me and i know i just met her but i don't want anyone seeing her like this!! (y/n) is mine!

I push through the screaming crowd and I grab her wrist and pull her through it as she keeps giggling to herself. 'She's drunk! well easier for me. She doesn't seem like the type of girl that.' We soon got to my car. I throw her into the passenger seat, still angry and jealous from before, as I go the other side. "heeyyy this is kidnaping!!! " She playfully says to me hitting my arm. I start the car and start driving to my house. "No one deserves to watch you do that but me! " I growl at her. She then stays silently until she spoke, "Well then you can have me oppa" She says adding the oppa at the end. 'damn she's so hot, just hearing her say that makes me go hard. I keep my eyes locked on the road, but I couldn't concentrate. she has made me hard now. Suddenly I feel a pair of hands brushing against my crotch.

"I'm very sorry for making you angry oppa.. let m make you happy then" She says in a sexy voice. Shit shes good at this.

Readers P.O.V

I dont know what has gotten into myself. The alcohol is doing the thinking for me. I start smirking as I take my hands away form his crotch and I put them inside my pussy letting out small moans. I see him look over at me from the corner of his eyes as he keeps looking at the road. I look down at his cock and I could see how hard he is. 'woah he's big.' I keep fingering myself as i feel my high coming. But we soon arrive at what I'm guessing is his house. "c'mon now." He says through gritted teeth and frustration." I get out of  his car and we both enter his house as he pushes me against the wall. "You have been a bad girl (y/n). Looks like I'll have to punish you." He softly speaks in a deep voice making me really wet. Soon enough he starts kissing and sucking on my neck as he slowly grinds on my pussy with his hardened cock. "mmm~ Jimin your so hard." I moan out in his ear. "That's all because of you (y/n)." He smirks as he takes me up to his bedroom. He throws me on the bed and rips my clothing off of me and slams 2 of his fingers inside of my wet and wanting pussy. He keeps thrusting them in as he adds another sending me over the edge as i soo cum on them.

"Time for your punishment..." He states flipping me over...


yeah i know this is verrryyy long I'm sorry soooo thats why imam do a part 2 lol THANKS FRO READING LOVE UUUUUUUUUUU DONT BE ASILENT READER and sorry If I fucked up at spelling!!

(omg listening to one ok rock you shoulld listen to them aahhhh they are a japanese rock band ommgggg)


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