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Always Running Out of Time

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(A/N; Dedication for the book cover. I really love it, thank you)

An Early Beginning

Sara lifted her eyes to the man in front of her. She could feel her heart swell with joy as he watched her with loving eyes. A proud smile spread across his face.

“Do you, Sara Jones, take Cole Valentine as you lawfully wedded husband?”

All eyes turned to her. A loving smile came to her own face now.

“I do.”

Not waiting for the rest, the two leaned towards each other. Clapping erupted through the room when their lips met.

The True Beginning

Walking over, the doctor sat down next to Sara’s bed. A chart was in his hand and they were watching him expectantly. He looked at them and tried very hard not to smile but was very unsuccessful.

“Congratulations, your having twins.” He mused as happiness crossed over Sara’s face.

“What’s the gender?” Cole asked, his face completely serious.

Briefly he glanced at his chart, “A boy and a girl.”

The Middle

“I can’t do this anymore!” Cole shouted, throwing his beer can at his stressed and crying wife.

“Please…” She sobbed, “I can’t do this on my own Cole… Please…!”

“Fuck you!” He shouted as he left, slamming the front door on his way out.

Cry’s erupted from the other side of the small house. The two babies crying with each other. Running callused hands over her tired face, she walked over to the bedroom.

The End

Sara laid her head on her desk. Papers were all over the place with red writing on them. They were all bills. Some were for the hospital.

“Mom!” A boy’s voice screamed, panic thick in it, “Mom! Help!”

Taking a deep breath, she got up and walked from her room. She went to the bathroom and looked inside. A pretty young girl was over the toilet, emptying her stomach.

Sara studied her daughter. She was seriously under weight and super pale. Her soft blonde hair hid her face. Her name was Ally. Eliot, her brother, stood close by. He looked exactly the same except that his hair was shorter.

Tears filled her eyes as she walked over to help her child, knowing that she would not be with her for much longer.


This is based off a true story. This, is my life... All of this is true, and the parts that arnt, i will tell you, kay? I've decided... i need to tell this story.. I can't bottle it up any more. The parts about my mom and ally, II really did ask them about them to get full detail, so keep that in mind while reading this story.

The next to chapters are REAL letters that Ally wrote to my dad, they are 100% in her own words with nothing changed.

Alos... I need to talk to someone about this... I need a friend... Pm me if you want to know what happened...

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