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"Gwen, baby, look at all this food," River grinned happily as he picked food every single food he set eyes on that looked good. He set them all out his plate and groaned in pleasure over how delicious it all looked. "Gwen," he nudged her when he took notice to her eyes drifting off. "Weren't you the one complaining about starving on the ride up here?"

"Yeah, sorry," she shook her head and swallowed as she looked at the food on his plate. "It's just so strange being back here. That's all."

"I guess it is," he turned around to look at the crowd. "I doubt it's easy being back here after everything."

"Yeah," she sighed. "The only good thing is that your right and this looks really delicious."

"Right?" He hummed and extended the plate for her to take something from. Gwen pursed her lips together as she eyed it, deciding what she wanted to eat. She leaned on her toes and picked a crab cake off the plate, examining it for a moment before take a bite from it. "Good?" He asked as he took one as well and bit into it.

"So good," she moaned lightly, humming in delight. "I've missed this food."

"You know, you could sneak in the kitchen and learn some stuff so you can make this for me at home," he smirked as he leaned down and kissed her. "I'd really like you if you did."

"Maybe a little later," she laughed. "Right now, I want some more of these," she turned to the buffet table to grab more of the crab cakes when she was interrupted by the sound of her father's voice, shaking her to her core.

"Gwen?" He asked.

"Tell me I can run." Gwen froze, her hand hovering over the table of food laid out in front of her.

"Bit late for that," River brought his free hand up to his neck to rub it as Robert reached the two. He swallowed as Gwen turned around to face the man who had kicked her out onto the street when she was sixteen. She had struggled to stay afloat since then and for that, she could never forgive him.

"What are you doing here?" He asked as his colleagues, the ones had followed him over had fled the scene to give the two the space they needed.

"Nice to see you too, dad," Gwen smiled sarcastically. "Harry brought me. I'm living with him in Rhode Island."

"Oh," he uttered. "I had no idea you were back. Last I heard you were in California."

"I was but I came back for Harry," she nervously spoke. "How did you know I was in California?"

"Do you really think I'd not check in to make sure you were okay, Gwen? You are my daughter. I always made sure you're alright," he explained.

"You cut me off."

"For your own good," he told her. "I'm glad to see your head is screwed on straight. Now, who might this be?" He asked when he noticed River hadn't fled their conversation and instead had just turned his back incase Gwen needed him for support.

"Oh, um..." Gwen swallowed before turning slightly, grabbing a hold of River's arm and turning him towards her father who patiently awaited his introduction. "Dad, this is River, my boyfriend. River, this is my father but you already knew that."

"Nice to meet you," River offered his hand to Robert.

"You as well," Robert nodded. "How'd the two of you meet if you don't mind my asking?"

"Through Harry's girlfriend," Gwen told him and looked beyond his shoulder, peaking for them. "Their around her somewhere. Maybe you'll get to meet her too, she's really great for Harry. Anyways, Indie, that's her name-."

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