Chapter 3

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2:15. I skipped 5th and 6th. I guess I should head back for the end of 7th. I climbed down from my hide out and walked over to the school. I had to sneak pass the guard. I went to my locker and got my math books. I slowly walked to my class. I opened the door and everybody stared. “What a dork…” I knew who it was its kinda hard not to know when you get bullied by em everyday. Lura, She kills me in this class cause shes a “Teachers Pet” for Mr. Clark. “Lura, enough. Miss.Tyler, You are absent for this class.” Mrs. Clark said. I frowned my eye brows. “Wait wouldnt I just be late?” I asked nervously. I already been absent 5 times. If I get this one 2 days of detention! (From begin late and and absences) “Because you have missed 40 mins of this class you are considered Absent, and it looks like you have…. 2 days of detention ahead of you.” Mr.Clark explained. Ugh!, “Yes sir.” DING DING DING The bell for last period rang. I shock my head and walked for the door before I could make it out BOOM, a girl in all black ran into me. “Watch where the **** you’re walking!” The girl yelled. “You ran into me! like what kind of fuckery is that?” I yelled. “Girl you better watch out!” “Look at all the fucks I give..” I put my middle finger up and skipped away. Some people are so bitchy! I put all my stuff in my locker and slugged myself out of school and started walking to my house. Beep Beep I stopped and turned around. A white BMW was slowly pulling up to me. The person driving let the window down, It was Roc. “Hey…” He kinda smiled. “Hi” I said with no emotion. “Wanna ride home?” I thought about my dad begin home, Im sure the school has called by now If I go then Im dead…. “Umm im not goin home but thanks” “Where you going?” Why he gotta ask so many questions thou? “I Dont Know.” Roc put a super sexy look on his face. “How about you come house and hang for a while?” “Im not sure about that…” “Oh come on!, It will be fun.” He winked. “Okay I guess i could come for a while.” I opened the door and Roc drove off. 
~ @ Roc’s House ~ “This is your house?” I asked in amazement. “Yeah, why?” “Its freaking huge!” “Ha, Come on lets go in” Roc lead me into his house and into the kitchen. “Mommyyyy Im home!” I giggled. “Whats so funny?” He looked at me. “The you said mommy! bahaha” I couldnt help but laugh. “You’re -” Roc was cut off by a lady walkin into the room and slamming the door. I jumped a lil. :Oh hey Honey" The lady hugged Roc. “Who’s this?” She asked. “Oh this is my friend Kayla. You will probably see her a lot shes my partner for this project..” “Ohkay, Im Rocs Mom and you can call me Mrs.August.” “Okay nice to meet you.” “Well mom we gonna go hang in my room.” Roc and I walked off to his room. His room was huge. It was almost like 2 master bed rooms! Im not used to this. “Aye yo Roc!” “Sup gurl?” I smiled. “Whatcha do for fun around here?” “Well, we can bowl, play basketball, tennis, or swim” “Oh My Gosh, I wanna swim go swimming but I dont have a bathing suite!” I pouted. “Um I think I might have one of Lura over here but she never wore it, she wastes stuff all the time.” He got up and walked to his closet and went in. I sat on his bed and thought " Wow, Im here at Roc’s House like OMG I would have never thought this would have happened." 5 Minutes later Roc came out with a Pink and black striped bikini. “Here ya go” He handed it to me. “Okay, where can I change?” I asked. “You can use my closet, Imma change in the bathroom holla if you need me.” “Okay.” I went and changed into the bikini, I checked to make sure none of my buries were visible. I didnt need him asking questions. I walked out and Roc was out there without his shirt on. LAWD!. I nearly fainted. When Roc saw me his eyes got big “Whoa you look HOT! I mean uh um um” I smiled. “Its okay and thanks you dont look to bad yourself..” I walked over to the door and Roc stared at me the entire time. “Oh and remind me when its 6 I gotta be home by then.” He shook his head. “Ohkay.” Roc and I went down to his pool and swam and joked around for a couple hours. We decided to go in and play basketball. Roc was wining then I took the ball and scored! But then he tackled me. Roc looked so deep into my heart. The connection was amazing. “Um Roc what time is it?” He pulled out his phone. “9:15” OMG we lost track of time. my dad is gonna beat the crap outta me and I have to go home. I have nowhere to stay tonight. “Oh no I have to get home!” “What’s the rush?” “If im not home by 6 my dad beat the **** outta me and I-” I just like everything slip out of my mouth. I stopped my frantic moving and looked at Roc. His mouth was open. “Did you just say that he will beat you?” He asked. I nodded yes. “I’m either home by 6 or Don’t come home at all and if I do go home…..” I tear slowly slide down my face. “You have to tell the cops! You have-” I interrupted Roc. “No! You dont think I already tried that? He just beat me cause I tried. Look.” I pulled up the baggy pair of pants Roc let me hold and showed him the marks. "He closed his eyes. “Who else Knows?” “Just you” I looked down and added. “Your my only friend right now…” Another tear rolled down face. “Does he only beat you?” “He um He raped me twice…” “Oh my gosh Kayla, Im so sorry!” Roc gave me a long sweet comforting hug. I completely forgot why I was crying but as soon as he let go it all came back. “I guess I should go.” I slowly got up. “Wait!” Roc grabbed my arm. “You can stay here tonight! My mom wont mind.” “Thats sweet of you but I dont have any clothes im already bullied I dont need another reason for them to did it!” “What size are you?” He questioned me. “A 4 why?” “Perfect, You can fit my sisters clothes” He smiled and looked at me. “Um Just for tonight?” ""If thats what want.." He looked sad. “Okay and you have to promise me that you wont tell anybody else!” “Okay, I promise.” Roc grabbed my hand, I looked at it like “WHAT THE FREAK ARE YOU DOING!” but i kinda liked it…. “Is that a problem?” Roc asked. “Um No, Not at all” I smiled. Roc lead me back up to his room, Hand and hand. ~End of this chapter! Sorry I didnt post for a few days I went on a trip to NJ! It was so much fun but yeah, As you can see Roc’s a little sweetie! I hoped you liked this part.Rape that vote button! Bye loves :D

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